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Short Stories by Travis Anderson

Still feeling the aftermath of their encounter with the Equinox, the crew faces a challenge that reopens those wounds. An unstoppable alien has boarded Voyager and is running rampant throughout the ship's decks. Will the Equinox survivors aid Captain Janeway or will they withhold the vital clue as to what the warrior is seeking?

Wrong Turn
Before the birth of the Federation, one starship opened new frontiers for Earth. Even with limitless possibilities before them, it was still far too easy for one small starship in a very large galaxy to pick the wrong planet to orbit. This can be especially true when said planet has two escaped felons and a team of cranky Andorians chasing them.

Julian Bashir - Interstellar Man of Mystery
In an effort to recruit a new holoadventure partner Dr. Bashir convinces Ro Laren to participate in a secret agent program. Unexpectedly, an alien presence has infiltrated the program and it is now running amuck. With the aid of Vic Fontaine, Secret Agent 0086 must now defeat the villainous Greenthumb in order to save his friends and escape the holosuite.

Tax Evasion
Starfleet has tapped Benjamin Sisko and his staff to unravel the secrets of the aliens laundering the Orion Syndicate's latinum. As they're about to discover, it's easier to deposit than make a withdrawal.

Lost & Now Found
Abandoned by Starfleet, raped and tortured by Cardassians, and brutalized by pirates, Sito Jaxa is now free and determined to stay that way at any price.

Ro gets her first taste of command and discovers that she may not be as prepared for it as she first thought. Pirates are infesting the Cardassian border with the Federation and it's up to her to get rid of one particularly nasty miscreant. With help from the Enterprise and a Starfleet mission specialist, she'll give it a go.

Shot in the Dark
Odo has a murder on his hands. Can he solve it before a conference between the Maquis and the Cardassians breaks down?

Death of the Reich
Ekos and Zeon have contacted Starfleet with an urgent request that a starship be sent to investigate unusual solar activity. The Enterprise-B is dispatched and what Captain Harriman and his crew discover is nothing short of a nightmare.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: True Faith
Neela didn't just happen to be a puppet of Vedek Winn Adami. Events in her life placed Winn in pinnacle of importance to Neela. Five years after the failed assassination of Vedek Bareil, Neela is given a second chance at life. But will she free herself of Winn's influence or will she remain a willing instrument of the Kai?

Star Trek: In the Shadows
Mira Romaine is called out Memory Alpha for an unprecedented information exchange with the Romulan Star Empire. Romaine is unprepared for just how much information she'll be exchanging.

Tom Riker faces new challenges and new choices aboard the USS Gandhi. After eight years alone on Nervala IV, what will he do now that he’s surrounded by the crew of a starship? How will he differentiate himself from William Riker? One thing is for certain, it won’t be by playing it safe.

Course Correction
Tom Riker is drawn into a Maquis web as Chakotay recruits Riker on Kalita's recommendation. The task? To infiltrate and eliminate a Cardassian base located within the Demilitarized Zone. In doing so, the Maquis provide Riker with a crisis of conscience. Will he commit to them in this small matter and will he go even further once presented with a tantalizing mystery?


Star Trek Deneva by John Berkeley

Star Trek Deneva - Episode 0 - Prelude
After waking up from being in stasis for nearly a hundred years, Jadzia Dax finds it hard to adjust to 25th century life.

Star Trek Deneva - Episode I - The Banthar
The USS Juno is commissioned at the Uranus Orbital Shipyards. Her first mission turns into a rescue mission when the USS Maxwell is attacked by an unknown enemy.

Star Trek Deneva - Episode II - The Eagle
The newly commissioned U.S.S. Juno is diverted to investigate an interesting shipwreck in a mysterious nebula.

Star Trek Deneva - Episode III - Predator
The Juno finishes her first mission and is assigned to investigate the disappearance of a number of ships near a mysterious star system.

Star Trek Deneva - Episode IV - Confessions
The Juno encounters a Banthar ship while on an exploration mission, and the crew fall victim to a Banthar terror operation.

Star Trek Deneva - Episode V - Violent Turn
The Juno has docked with C209 after the events of ‘Confessions’ and the crew is enjoying leave on Deneva IV. However, things are stirring deep within the Banthar Confederation that will make their relaxation short-lived...

Star Trek Deneva - Episode VI - Shadows in the Heart
A combination of high treason, collapsing morale and political unrest puts the lives of the entire crew at stake when a new and entirely unsuspected foe rears its head from the depths of the Federation itself.

Star Trek Deneva - Episode VII - Trial by Fire
The crippled starships Juno and Heilongjiang have arrived back at Starbase C209, and awaiting the crews of both ships is a Starfleet inquest into the incident in the Crater Nebula. Nevertheless, the crew's dealings with Lianra Paron and the Royal Guard of Trillian are far from over...

Star Trek Deneva - Episode VIII - The Beckoning Darkness
With the Juno destroyed, and his new command not complete for two months, Holkham is left without a ship. However, as the Banthar War escalates, and new domestic troubles arises within the Federation, Starfleet needs him more than ever...


Star Trek Horizon by Ruben Hilbers

Star Trek: Horizon - The Tempus Incident
Reginald must face the darkest page in his life, the fate of his parents.

Star Trek: Horizon - Awake
The Horizon is send to unravel the mystery of a strange nebula.

Star Trek: Horizon - Into a Shattered Place, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Captain Rogue must face his worst enemy - himself.

Star Trek: Horizon - The Race
A new ship goes on her first quest, while a member of the Horizon crew races to complete one of her own.

Star Trek: Horizon - The Hunt for Valdore
Captain Rogue must take his new ship on a hunt to prevent the demise of millions.

Star Trek: Horizon - Saq'coc
The Horizon gets a new playground and finds that it also comes with new problems.

Star Trek: Horizon - Encyclopedia
An extensive glossary of all persons, ships, places, etc.


Short Stories by Larry Stovall

An unpopular Klingon commander finds himself in a conflict of conscience when dealing with a traitorous superior and his criminal allies.

The crew of the Hiv'laposh must stop a Romulan attempt to seize a resource-rich world.

Theft, Honor, and Family
A mission to restore the family honor of an old governor bears several surprises for La'ra and his crew.


Star Trek Elita by Rony Tal

Star Trek Elita - Following the Northern Star
The U.S.S. Elita enters the Gamma Quadrant for its first mission, nearly four years after the war ended. But when they get a distress call from a Starfleet vessel within Dominion space, the war seems closer then ever.

Star Trek Elita - Dead Men Tell No Tales
Avalanche Ocean is one of the largest mapped asteroid fields in the Gamma Quadrant, and holds within it many tactical possibilities. However, for Commander Lorei Karin, the Bajoran first officer of the U.S.S. Elita, the secrets of the fields will prove to hold far more then strategic value.

Star Trek Elita - The Discovery
During an investigation over what seems to be yet another Dominion attack, Doctor T’Jenn, the CMO of the U.S.S. Elita, struggles to answer many difficult questions, and while most are about the investigation in front of her, some, and the most complex, are regarding her past.

Star Trek Elita - Things Change
As Captain Tal takes part of a high-rank forum of ship captains, dealing with the future of the Gamma Quadrant, Lorei, Blake and the new flight deck commander must deal with a more practical complication... and far more dangerous.

Star Trek Elita - By What Judgment We Stand
A scientific experiment gone awry strands the Elita in an unexplored region of space. With a window of only a few days left until their possible return, Captain Tal has to make a difficult decision whether to help a doomed civilization, possibly acting against the Prime Directive.


To the Stars by Drew Z.,

Wagon Train to the Stars
As Starfleet begins to recover from three years of battle, the crew of the U.S.S. Armstrong finds that the hardest part of war can be knowing when to stop fighting.

Call of the Elder Gods
As the captain of the U.S.S. Armstrong is called to investigate a mysterious anomaly, the crew is forced to face a new danger: each other. Sequel to Wagon Train to the Stars.

Fathers and Sons
Kyle Jovi is going to San Francisco, sans flowers in his hair. Sequel to Call of the Elder Gods.

The crew of the Armstrong plays music in the midnight hour. Sequel to Fathers and Sons.

The Rebecca Gangies Story
Rebecca takes her place at the Captain's Table. Sequel to 00:00.

Patriotic Chorus, Part I, Part II
A fire-eater must eat fire, even if he has to kindle it himself. Sequel to The Rebecca Gangies Story.


Various Authors

Transition, Part 1, Part 2, The Next Chapter, Crisis Point by Dominick Carlucci
After 5 years in deep space, Kirk and the Enterprise return home to Earth. But is Earth really home for James T. Kirk? A story of a man, a crew, and a starship in transition.

Star Trek Enterprise - Mistaken Identity by Dominick Carlucci
Have you ever wondered what really happens to those “alternate” timelines when things are finally put right? Trip did...and Phlox found out... A Valentine’s Day salute to Enterprise’s past and future, a host of surprises, and an encounter with the event that truly began the Star Trek journey...

Stealing the Fire of Heaven (to be continued) by Paul Cleveland
She was a weapon of war, designed to be Starfleet's most advanced combat vessel. But after a horrible tragedy on her maiden voyage, it's up to a new crew to take command and use her for what she was meant to do...

Journey to a Lost World (to be continued) by Laurence Coombes
A survey team lost on a world that has vanished - It will take one obsessed ensign on an unarmed, obsolete starship to face down the Federation to save the woman he loves...

In Harm's Way - Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV (to be continued) by Epsilon Station
Following the end of the Dominion War the Federation Alliance was left with a precarious situation. Starfleet determined that it was critical to establish an outpost in the Gamma Quadrant from which surveillance and exploration could operate. The personnel and ships that would operate from that outpost would be In Harm's Way.

Star Trek: Special OPS by Colin Fischer
The untold story of the real heroes of Starfleet

Star Trek VI - An Additional Scene by Mark Grooms
This is a possible scene that could have happened in Star Trek VI. This takes place after Kirk and McCoy are arrested and are about to go to trial for the assassination of Chancellor Gorkon. It’s a small room with only Kirk and his defense attorney Colonel Worf.

Dark Matter by G.Carlo Manfredi
When an opportunity for Voyager to get home to the Alpha Quadrant turns out to be a dangerous trap, Captain Janeway is facing a hard decision.

Alphabet Stories A-F, G-L, M-S, T-Z by Katarzyna Marcinkowska
A series of short stories beginning with subsequent letters of the alphabet

The Romulan Espionage by Mark Nightingale
The newly commissioned Discovery is called to a colony which is experiencing computer problems. Shortly afterwards, the Discovery also begins to be plagued by malfunctions -- serious malfunctions. The discovery of a team of Romulan conspirators complicates the problem...

Star Trek Trio: The Maquis Revenge - Part I, Part II by Paul Redford
The Dominion destroyed them, their home and their spirits. Now they are back to take their revenge on the Dominion, but three Starfleet crews stand against them, together.

Star Trek Trio: The Limits of Exploration - Part I (to be continued) by Paul Redford
When they thought it was safe to boldly go back where no one had gone before, they did not realise that a new threat was on the horizon waiting to stop them. New enemies have risen, new friends are met, new captains are making a mark in history and a new way of life for the Federation has been born.

New Horizons by John Scott
Admiral Janeway is ordered to investigate a damaged Borg sphere in Sector 224-A. When contact is lost with her fleet, the brand new Sovereign-class USS Horizon is ordered to investigate. But many of the crew have not even been decided on and the ship itself hasn't even had a proper shakedown cruise. Can Captain Brevik and his crew save the legendary Admiral? What could the Romulan involvement mean to Starfleet?

Horizon - Old Rivals by John Scott
A distress call from the relatively peaceful water-world of Ginintaph sees Captain Brevik and the crew of the Horizon going up against the Borg and terrorists. With their mortal enemy on one side and terrorists on the other, how can the crew possibly survive? And what does the appearance of another El-Aurian mean for Brevik? 

Prometheus Shakedown by Paul Scott
Shakedown cruise of USS Prometheus. Find out what happened to the ship and crew before the Romulans invaded.

And the Fleet Moved on by Edgar Torres, Sanford Berenberg and Mark Hanford
Three ships against Dominion forces...Three crews battle together...Can three captains defy the odds?

Romulan Command by Tim Traas
Commander V'lor is one of the best officers in the Romulan fleet. Now, on a mission to save a Romulan ship, he needs to face old enemies.

Mauretania: The Imperial Battle by Tim Traas
After the Dominion War a rebel Empire has formed in what was once the Cardassian DMZ. After a mission of ten years the crew of the Mauretania is coming home to a new Federation.

The Christmas, Present. by J. Grey and R. Cane
This Christmas a man discovers that a loving heart is the truest wisdom.


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