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The Cause by Travis Anderson

The tales from the Maquis

Pirates for a Day or Two
Gul Maret has been assigned to the Dorvan Sector, setting up a rivalry with Gul Evek. Everything trophy Evek has collected, Maret desires to claim: planets, stations, comfort women.

The Camps
Scores of former Federation colonists have been relegated to Cardassian labor camps. The Maquis discover the whereabouts of the largest of these camps and must decide what to do about it.

Counter Terror
The Federation and the Cardassians have finally united around a single issue: the Maquis. Establishing a joint task force, the law enforcement specialists hand picked for the assignment will stop at nothing to bring in every last member of the Maquis. Starting with the Maquis commander himself, Cal Hudson.

Feeling a noose tightening around them, the Maquis cell on Ronara Prime struggles with Federation and Cardassian threats all around. Including a potential strategic development that would change the balance of power in the Alpha Quadrant.

Surgical Incision
In his growing bid for power within the ranks of the Maquis, Michael Eddington leads specially chosen Maquis cells to the Starfleet Ship Depot in Sector 04 where decommissioned starships and shuttles from the 22nd and 23rd centuries float, seemingly lost and without purpose. The goal is to mount an overwhelming attack against Gul Maret's headquarters in the Dorvan Sector.

One year after the arrests made by the Federation-Cardassian Counterterrorism Task Force, Ro and her cell decide to deal with matters while they can. And a second threat arises to face the entire DMZ.

After the Dominion allied itself with Cardassia, the Jem'Hadar purged the DMZ of the resurgent Maquis settlers. But, as in most purges, there were un-enslaved survivors. And working with the Bajoran Militia, Ro and Macen will make certain that the Dominion will forever regret that fact.

The Architect has learned of one of the major POW camps that the Cardassians operate. The information had been learned from Starfleet's own interrogation of captured Cardassians and Dominion Vorta. But the Militia Special Operations Group will need additional help in the midst of an Allied invasion to recover the prisoners from a facility that doubles as an ore extraction and processing plant.

Hit & Run Tactics
Now employed by both Bajoran Militia and the Dominion, Ro and Macen lead their teams against several successive targets. Each one fast and brutal. No prisoners or witnesses will be left alive or taken today.

The Prophets
The Prophets complied with the Sisko's request to halt the Dominion advance but now they want to understand why. In the buildup to that, it is finally revealed where the Prophets went while the Cardassians occupied Bajor.

Ro, Macen, and the Angosians have found themselves too successful in their role against the Dominion. Now Kilana wants them found and killed. No matter how much it costs the Cardassian treasury.

Prima Nox
On a wedding day, Gul Maret makes an unexpected appearance and an even greater surprising demand. One of which will trigger a cascade of events that affect the entire DMZ and beyond the borders.

Maquis Personnel Profiles
Illustrated list of all Maquis characters.



I do not own Star Trek or its related intellectual properties. All original characters are my intellectual properties in relation to or without Star Trek. Robert Tavar Johnson being Milo Pinter's intellectual property used with permission just as my rights reverse to his in a shared property agreement dating back to 2008. I hold the literary rights to the Obsidian crew and the SID team and acquired the same to the Intrepid crew and characters that I didn't create. Milo holds the film rights to all of the above.

"Alternate" starship classes were designed by Bernd Schneider and can be found along with an illustrated "Personnel and Starships" file regarding the characters at Illustrated versions of the SID can also be found in later additions to the chronology.

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