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Tales of the Special Investigations Division by Travis Anderson

The Spy, the Rebel, the Daredevil, the Fighter, the Lightbulb, the Muscle, the Fixer, the
Rock, the Brain, and one ship shared by all. The tale continues...

Broken Crown - Part I, Part II
It is a time of unrest inside the Cardassian Union. The Chrysalis Child has come of age and is ready to assume her throne. Reactionary elements within Cardassian culture are opposed to this and take matters into their own hands. Unable to trust its own agencies the Cardassian government summons Macen's SID team. Soon they are fighting for the future of one child and the fate of an entire government.

Fractures - Part I, Part II
War has broken out on Magna Roma and the SID team is sucked into the conflict. Billions of lives hang in the balance and the team acts as horrors unfold.

Revolution - Part I, Part II
Revolution is on the verge of breaking out on the planet Bolshevik. Added to the tension is the fact armed vigilantes roam the streets dispatching common criminals and politicians alike. Macen's team is sent in to diffuse the situation but they just may end up joining the revolution instead.

Christmas Lights
It's Christmas and Macen is gathering his extended "family" together for a celebration. Everyone's cozy with the chestnut's roasting when an unwanted visitor comes a-calling. What is to be done with him and can the holiday be saved?

Macen gets his wish and confronts Bertram Sindis.

Redemption - Part I, Part II
Macen is given a shot at redemption in the eyes of Starfleet. It's the final showdown between the SID and Sindis. The battle is to the last man standing but the price will be high, perhaps higher than Macen can pay. The cost will change the fabric of the SID team itself as one of their own who has been there since the beginning falls.

Salvation - Part I, Part II
A member of the Council of 5 has been captured. Not only is he a vital member of Starfleet but Admiral Johnson is a friend of Macen's. His orders are simple: retrieve if possible and execute if it isn't. Will Macen's sense of duty outweigh his feelings of loyalty? In addition to this dilemma, on the planet Omicron a secret has been unearthed. Will this threaten the Federation and her allies?

Second Coming - Part I, Part II
The creators of the Omicron have arrived and they have tested the Federation and found it wanting. Will they exterminate every race that we know or will they employ them in their Grand Design? The SID holds the secret to stopping these beings but its with a forgotten weapon of incalculable power. Do mere mortals have the wisdom to wield the power of the gods?

Cat & Mouse - Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV
The Iridian Enforcers have encroached on the Federation's borders. The borders of the Breen Confederacy and the Romulan Star Empire are also threatened. In order to prevent a cataclysmic war, Macen's team has to push out beyond explored space. Can they acquire the data needed to save the Alpha and Beta Quadrants from plunging into a conflict beyond even the scope of the Dominion War or will Sindis' ultimate ambition come to fruition?

Catalyst - Part I, Part II
The longstanding truce between the SID and Section 31 is done. Section 31 weaves one web after another in an effort to rewrite history and redraw the political maps of both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Can the secretive agency be stopped or will their plans reach fruition and spawn a war that could end all wars?

After a series of harrowing events, the Federation is vulnerable. Unwilling to risk yet another crisis, several security organs within the Federation decide to alter things starting with the Presidency on down. It will be a new age, not only for the Federation but also for the Cardassian Union, if they succeed.

Following Section 31's coup, Macen and the SID uncover evidence that supports S31's allegations. But, in an unexpected twist, a Starfleet starship crew is captured by the Romulans. As events unfold, Macen must choose between the life of a friend or his duty to President Bacco.

Having been displaced from the SID, Macen rebuilds his team and undertakes his most dangerous investigation yet. The case: Whether or not Federation President Nanieta Bacco has betrayed her nation. Once again it's an all or nothing operation with the fate of trillions hanging in the balance.

Safehold - Part I, Part II
Doctor Bashir has died in prison and Starfleet suspects Section 31 had something to do with it. The SID is tasked with finding out why the doctor was killed or if he even was.

Collaborators - Part I, Part II
Multiple assassination attempts across allied lines with old intertwined enemies claiming responsibility, the triangle of attempts stretches between the Federation, member world Bajor, and the Cardassian Union. Every world seems a victim as well as a potential threat. The SID is brought in to sift friend from foe.

The conclusion to the ten-part story arc. The mystery behind presidential scandals and seemingly random Starfleet policies is finally explained. One thing is certain, the Federation, Starfleet, and the SID will never be the same. But will the galaxy be the better for it?

Tales of the SID Personnel and Vessel Profiles
A list of the characters and the ships.

The SID 10-Year Anniversary
A message from Travis Anderson (2009).

The SID 20-Year Anniversary
A message from Travis Anderson (2019).



I do not own Star Trek or its related intellectual properties. All original characters are my intellectual properties in relation to or without Star Trek. Robert Tavar Johnson being Milo Pinter's intellectual property used with permission just as my rights reverse to his in a shared property agreement dating back to 2008. I hold the literary rights to the Obsidian crew and the SID team and acquired the same to the Intrepid crew and characters that I didn't create. Milo holds the film rights to all of the above.

"Alternate" starship classes were designed by Bernd Schneider and can be found along with an illustrated "Personnel and Starships" file regarding the characters at Illustrated versions of the SID can also be found in later additions to the chronology.

No profit other than enjoyment has been produced by the release of these materials.


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