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Special Investigations Division by Travis Anderson

The Spy, The Rebel, The Doppelganger, The Traitor, The Soldier, The Exile, The Tinkerer,
The Mercenary, The Stray, and one ship shared by all. The tale has merely begun...

Just Another Day
During the height of the Maquis' struggle against the Cardassians, Ro Laren must confront her own doubts as well as psychopaths amongst her own ranks.

Countdown to Annihilation
Ro and Macen are assigned to track down a renegade Maquis commander. His plan, to strike the Federation's seat of power near the DMZ in order to eliminate "collaborators".

Deceptive Measures
Caught in world of half truths and lies, shadow and substance, the Maquis are both predator and prey. In a rare stroke of good fortune and bad, Chakotay has learned of the location of a Cardassian paramilitary training camp and of a mole near the Maquis Council. Teaming up with Ro Laren, it's up to Chakotay and Ro to destroy the camp and disable the spy.

Ro Laren and Brin Macen cope with the losses deriving from Chakotay's disappearance and Tom Riker's imprisonment. The latest threat facing the Maquis, however, is not of Cardassian nature but one born of Bajoran faith.

Faced with a hostage situation, Ro and Macen must engineer a rescue mission. To ensure a lasting victory they deal a counterstrike to the Cardassian paramilitants responsible for the kidnappings.

Hostile Ground
Ro and Macen head into a certain trap. Their goal: to prove the Cardassian Militia's connection to the DMZ Death Squads. The question is, will Starfleet listen or will they arrest the Maquis themselves?

Keeping the Peace
Piracy has infected the DMZ. Ro and Macen set out to curb the criminal activities by any means necessary. When pushed, they decide to make an example of one pirate in particular.

Forging Ahead
Following the Dominion's purge of the DMZ and the Badlands, a handful of Maquis survivors travel to Bajor to seek asylum. Once there, they are offered a choice: quiet redemption or a second chance to fight against the Dominion.

Sisko is recruited into one of Ro and Macen's operations during the Dominion War. Erika Benteen has stolen proscribed weapons and is headed for a Dominion base. Traumatized by the war, she sees "total warfare" as the Federation's last hope. Can Sisko save her or do Macen and Ro have other plans for her?

Odyssey - Part I, Part II, Part III
Following the close of the Dominion War, disgraced Starfleet Intelligence officer Brin Macen is selected to lead a mission near Romulan territory. He and his team must locate and liberate Federation citizens innocently imprisoned there... by security forces within the Federation.

Factions - Part I, Part II, Part III
In a flashback to the Maquis struggle, discover how Macen, Ro, Chakotay and their cohorts "liberated" several vessels from Section 31 in order to launch a major strike against Cardassian forces.

Uprising - Part I, Part II, Part III
The SID undertakes its first official mission. A starship has gone missing near the pirate infested borders of the Andergani Oligarchy. With members of the team captured as well, Macen, T'Kir and the rest face their most arduous struggle since the end of the war.

Pax Romana - Part I, Part II, Part III
The Nova Romans of 492 IV have finally stretched forth from their world -- their goal being to expand their empire across the stars. A Federation science vessel has been captured and desperately needs rescuing. Macen and his team are sent to intervene on the quarantined planet.

Covert Force
Macen confronts an old menace dating back to his arrival in the Alpha Quadrant. He must not only fight for the survival of his race but the safeguarding of a forbidden technology.
Crossover with Star Trek Renegade Christmas Special 2003 - The Tides of Destruction.

Still reeling from their last mission, the SID team goes on vacation. This too is interrupted by a small crisis. These events are all precluded by a terrible secret that will permanently alter the team.

The Romulan Mission Part I, Part II, Part III
The Dominion War is over -- but the true test of Federation-Romulan Alliance has just begun. Proscribed weapons have been distributed from Romulan stores and it's up to a joint Romulan-Starfleet task force to discover who's responsible.

The Farside Mission Part I, Part II, Part III
The Federation President's daughter has been kidnapped by a unit of Starfleet's Special Forces. Both they and the renegade admiral who planned this operation are now being sought by every available ship. Added to this news is the revelation that Tom Riker is alive and he is with the kidnappers. Macen sets out on a rescue operation and he will let no one and nothing stand in his way.

Genesis Part I, Part II, Part III
It is a time of change for the crew of the Solstice as they have to decide where their future lies. The must face their greatest foes to date in a struggle of life and death. It is a time of joy and a time of greatest sorrow. Most of all it is a time of redemption and rebirth.

Arrivals Part I, Part II
The Kelvans have arrived and Hannah Grace must make a choice between her crewmates and her race. Also several old threats to the Federation are arising again. The Maquis are reborn and more bloodthirsty than ever. Allied with them is a mysterious foe that hasn't been seen since the mission on Magna Roma. A foe that threatens to overwhelm the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Relics Part I, Part II, Part III
The answer to a current threat to the Alpha Quadrant may be found in the ancient ruins of a collapsed empire. Both the Romulan Star Empire and the Federation are seeking these answers. One of these powers must unlock the secrets buried in the past in order to fend off the Omicron before they arise to conquer the galaxy.

Prelude to Dusk Part I, Part II
On the tails of their victory over the Omicron, the SID team has one last old foe to deal with. This leads to a confrontation between Macen and a former ally. It also introduces a new threat that could grow and destroy the Federation.
A prequel to the fan film "Dusk of the Federation".

Twilight Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI
Hunted by all sides the SID team faces personal tragedy as well as professional losses. Turning to a former enemy, they recruit an unlikely ally.

Countdown Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV
Dozens of planetary leaders have been abducted and the SID has jurisdiction. The kidnappers have eschewed a ransom preferring instead to fundamentally alter the Federation's political affairs. It's up to Macen and the team to retrieve the officials without provoking an interstellar incident.

Just after the death of Calvin Hudson, the Maquis get a chance to strike out at his Cardassian opposite number. Can Ro pull it off or will she fail in an epic fashion, taking the bulk of her cell with her?

Mass Destruction, Mass Destruction (Old Timeline)
The Cardassians have developed a first strike population killer. In their desperation, Ro and Macen's cell will turn to anyone...even Starfleet.
Future stories will take place in the new timeline.

Ro and Macen are assigned to track down and apprehend collaborators. In pursuit of Harry Mudd III they discover a threat not only to the Maquis but to the galaxy as a whole. And it's all tied into Macen's past...

During the Maquis rebellion, Macen and T'Kir learn a little about the holiday spirit.

Love and Starships Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV
It is a time of endings as the fabric of the team changes forever. As friends decide to go their own way a new threat arises. An evil unlike anything Macen has encountered before is running amuck and the last mission of this incarnation of the SID team is to stop it.

Macen says goodbye.

SID Personnel and Vessel Profiles
A list of the characters and the ships.



I do not own Star Trek or its related intellectual properties. All original characters are my intellectual properties in relation to or without Star Trek. Robert Tavar Johnson being Milo Pinter's intellectual property used with permission just as my rights reverse to his in a shared property agreement dating back to 2008. I hold the literary rights to the Obsidian crew and the SID team and acquired the same to the Intrepid crew and characters that I didn't create. Milo holds the film rights to all of the above.

"Alternate" starship classes were designed by Bernd Schneider and can be found along with an illustrated "Personnel and Starships" file regarding the characters at Illustrated versions of the SID can also be found in later additions to the chronology.

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