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SID Personnel and Vessel Profiles by Travis Anderson

The Spy, The Rebel, The Doppelganger, The Traitor, The Soldier, The Exile, The Tinkerer,
The Mercenary, The Stray, and one ship shared by all. The tale has merely begun...


Brin Macen

Mission Commander
Race: El-Aurian

Macen came to the Alpha Quadrant in the aftermath of the Borg assimilation of his homeworld. A trained sociologist and accomplished explorer, Macen became the first, and only, El-Aurian to formally join Starfleet. Assigned to Starfleet Intelligence, he swiftly rose to notoriety for his unconventional methods and accompanying successes.

Macen's career came to an apparent end in the late 2360's-early 2370's when he was assigned to infiltrate the Maquis. Macen found himself sympathetic to their settler's cause and joined in their activities while writing benign reports illustrating the nobility of most of the Maquis' goals and intentions. Serving under Ro Laren, another former Starfleet officer, Macen and the cell Ronara Prime enjoyed many victories over the Cardassians.

This ended with the Cardassian alliance with the Dominion and the arrival of the Jem'Hadar. Ro and Macen managed to transport the bulk of their forces to Bajor and negotiate a deal whereby they could participate in a joint operation between Starfleet Special Operations and the Militia Special Forces. The displaced Maquis would serve as native guides to the former DMZ and Badlands regions. In exchange they would receive full pardons and either commissions in the Bajoran Militia or private citizenship and a small homestead. Macen was reinstated in Starfleet Intelligence and sent with Ro as her commando unit's Intelligence Officer.

Following the war, Macen was recruited by Vice Admiral Nechayev to join a new Special Investigations Division of Intelligence. Macen assumed command of the premier unit of the newly incorporated SID. His subsequent missions have all proven successful thus far despite differences of methodology with Starfleet Command.

On a personal level, Macen's curiosity and conviction remain both his greatest strengths and weaknesses. The man himself has no lack of imagination, which allows him to visualise several theories and scenarios at once. His experience in the Nexus has left him with the ability to sense time-space distortions in addition to his race's normal empathic and "listening" abilities.

On a professional note, Macen's case has been by Starfleet Medical. As a survivor of El-Auria's assimilation, a veteran of the Border Wars, the Maquis Rebellion and the Dominion War, it is felt by many Starfleet psychologists that Macen may be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This condition lends itself to Macen's unpredictability as well as his extremist methods in command. Although adopting a laid back command style, once Macen makes a decision, it is final unless proven wrong. This tendency towards extremes often leads to conflicts with Starfleet regulations.

1st Appearance: "Odyssey"


Operational Systems Specialist
Race: Vulcan

T'Kir joined Ro Laren's Maquis cell on Ronara Prime subsequently following the slaughter of her native colony of Shial. The Cardassian Death Squads specifically targeted the joint Vulcan-Romulan defector settlement in order to insure their "neutrality" in the growing conflict between the Cardassians and the Maquis.

Both blessed and cursed with an untrained and extremely powerful telepathic ability, T'Kir found herself unable to block out the heightened emotions of her fellow Maquis and their opponents. Often skirting the brink of madness, only her incomparable skills with cybernetic systems and AI's shielded her from becoming a pariah amongst her colleagues. Taken under the wing of the cell's Intelligence Officer, Brin Macen, T'Kir soon found a loyal confidant and friend. Macen's ability to block her telepathy made him the perfect companion and T'Kir soon developed a case of unrequited love.

When the Dominion forces crushed the Maquis, Macen managed to secure T'Kir's escape. As he returned to the outbreaking Dominion War, T'Kir was admitted into the famed Andes Institute psychiatric facility. Sadly, the Institute was poorly equipped to deal with a condition caused by telepathy and T'Kir languished in misery until Macen broke her out of the secure facility in order to recruit her to what would become the premier unit of Starfleet's Special Investigative Division.

During their first mission, Macen's research into Vulcan telepathic disorders yielded information on a native herbal remedy. With this remedy, T'Kir still ranks amongst the topmost telepaths in the Alpha Quadrant but she can now fine tune and harness her abilities in order to achieve rest. Her newfound control has allowed her to develop into one of the most valuable members of the team as well as Macen's most trusted confidant.

T'Kir herself has abandoned the emotional restraints practised by her people. Having dealt with countless others' emotions, she embraces indulging her own instead. One of these is her romantic interest in Macen. The two formed a romantic relationship and eventually married. While the two partners counter balance one another's psychoses, it is a matter of conjecture where their union will lead.

1st Appearance: "Odyssey"

Thomas William Riker

Executive Officer
Race: Human

Tom Riker is the transporter doppleganger of William T. Riker created during the evacuation of the research base on Nervala IV. His long estranged twin rescued Riker as the Enterprise-D returned to Nervala in time for the eight-year window in the planet's ionic atmosphere opened and allowed transport to the surface. The Away Team was dispatched to investigate the final moments of the previous evacuation and discovered the second Riker.

Riker adopted the use of his middle name, Thomas, and transferred from the Enterprise to the USS Gandhi. Once aboard, Lt. Riker transferred out of Operations to Flight Operations. Made a Courier Commander, Riker's first mission led him to delivering emergency medical supplies to a plague-ridden world within the DMZ. A Maquis unit led by the former Starfleet Advanced Tactical Instructor, Chakotay, was also on scene to assist the natives. Seeing the suffering of the colonists and the bravery of the Maquis, Tom soon grew sympathetic to their plight and their goal of reclaiming their colonies.

Tom abandoned his commission and joined the Maquis after the mission's completion. His brief career ended after he stole the USS Defiant and plunged deep into Cardassian space. Commander Benjamin Sisko, CO of Deep Space 9, was dispatched to the Cardassian High Command to assist Gul Dukat in the recapture of the Federation warship and the rescue of Sisko's XO, Kira Nerys. Riker managed to track down a covert, and illegal, shipyard operated by the Obsidian Order but he was surrounded by elements of the High Command and the rogue Obsidian Order ships before he could launch an assault. In the end, his only choice was to surrender to the High Command's forces and accept a negotiated deal whereby the rest of the Maquis would face imprisonment in the Federation and Riker himself would be sentenced to a Cardassian labour camp.

Tom endured six months in the camps before Tal Shiar agents rescued him. They had come for a venerable agent that also interned in the same camp. Tom had befriended this Romulan and when the opportunity for freedom arrived, he insisted Tom be allowed to come along. When Tom finally separated himself from the Romulans, he headed for the Federation frontier and started his own charter courier/shuttle service. It was here that Macen found him and offered him the position of Ship's Captain aboard the Eclipse.

Since joining the SID and Outbound Ventures, Inc. Tom has blossomed into a mature and confident commander. His prior resentment towards his twin has evaporated under the weight of experience and responsibility. Despite his subordinate position to Macen, Riker has accepted his role within the team with aplomb. Riker displays the potential to someday move beyond command of a single vessel to assume greater responsibilities within the framework of the SID.

1st Appearance: "Pax Romana"

Rab Daggit

Special Operations Specialist
Race: Angosian

Like so many others, Rab Daggit underwent the mental conditioning and biophysical alterations that transformed him into a "super-soldier" during Angosia's war with Tarsus IV. The surviving soldiers were imprisoned at the war's conclusion. They did not receive their freedom until the arrival of the Enterprise-D, assigned to finalise the acceptability of Angosia's application for Federation membership. The revelation of the existence of these soldiers and their subsequent ill-treatment forced Captain Picard to conclude that Angosia was ineligible for membership until they had sought a cure for their unwanted defenders. This position changed during the Dominion War when the Federation Council offered Angosia full membership in exchange for the use of its soldiers. The Federation would also assume all responsibility for discovering a means of reversing what had been done to the men and women who underwent the process.

Daggit was among those who enlisted in Starfleet and fought in a commando team under Starfleet Special Operations. Paired with Brin Macen, acting as the team's Intelligence Officer, and Ro Laren, acting as the team's pilot and native guide, the Angosian SO team scouted and raided Dominion bases throughout the DMZ and Badlands. After the war's conclusion, Daggit transferred to the Enterprise-E, reporting as her new Chief Tactical Officer. A subsequent encounter with Macen during the former's initial mission for the embryonic SID caused Daggit to reconsider his position aboard ship and his request for a transfer to Macen's command. Macen was delighted to have Daggit aboard and appointed him team Executive Officer.

Daggit's physical and psychological conditioning to make him the ultimate soldier. What his "creators" did not count on is that Daggit is frequently overwrought with guilt concerning his actions after a mission. Born with the soul of a poet, Daggit seeks peace and tranquillity but is now an engine of destruction. This dichotomy is slowly destroying him.

Daggit's enhanced reflexes and physical attributes have proven invaluable. His steadfast loyalty to his teammates has also won him the respect and reciprocal loyalty of the team in return. After his initial recruitment of Radil Jenrya to the team, Daggit briefly flirted with the idea of pursuing a relationship but soon realised she wasn't interested. While Daggit continues to mourn his perceived lost opportunity, he is blithely unaware of both Hannah Grace's and Hal Dracas' affections for him. In later days, Daggit began a romantic relationship with the team's new chief engineer, Parva.

1st Appearance: "Odyssey"

Hannah Grace

Flight Operations Specialist
Race: Kelvan

Hannah Grace managed to enter Starfleet Academy despite the fact her physical revealed she was a perfect specimen of humanity. Medical examiners did not have access to classified records and therefore did not realise that Hannah was a descendent of the first Kelvan settlers to the Milky Way. Travelling from the Andromeda Galaxy, the Kelvans were forced to evacuate after conquering the bulk of their home galaxy. A resistance army had discovered a form of radiation lethal to the relentless oppressors and released it throughout the multitude of star systems.

The Kelvan's pilgrimage to the Milky Way was halted at the energy barrier surrounding our galaxy. Once they penetrated the barrier, they once again found themselves dying due to the different compositional elements of this galaxy. Happening upon a human settlement in the Outer Rim, the Kelvans utilised their advanced technology to assume human form. They landed upon a nearby planet and issued a distress beacon. It was here that Captain James Kirk found them.

The Kelvans reduced most of Kirk's crew into small cubes and hijacked the Enterprise in order to use it as a means of returning to their home galaxy and report on the potential for conquest to be found in the Milky Way. What the Kelvans did not yet realise was that their transformation into humanoids had been a complete and total one. Kirk and the few officers left intact in order to assist the Kelvans in operating the starship swiftly exploited this weakness. The Kelvans realised that they could no longer fit within the framework of their native society and returned to the colony world that the Enterprise encountered them and settled down to build a settlement of their own.

Unknown to Starfleet, or the Kelvan's fellow colonists, they developed transgalactic communication capabilities and contacted the Kelvan Empire. The remaining Imperials immediately set forth for the Milky Way. Advances in transwarp technology allowed the Kelvans to estimate an arrival date of just over a Terran century. That time has nearly expired.

In preparation for the Kelvan's arrival, Hannah Grace, offspring of Rhea and Raynar, was sent forth to Starfleet Academy to ascertain the reception Starfleet and the Federation would bestow upon the extragalactic refugees. With the Kelvans advanced technology, it was easy for Grace to slide past security checks and to alter memories and perceptions as needed. She graduated from the Academy with honours and departed for her first space assignment on a Sabre-class border patrol vessel, the USS Loki. It was during this assignment Grace was recruited by Section 31.

Section 31 arranged for her to be the relief pilot aboard the Hydra-class prototype under Brin Macen's command during the Gulag mission. Grace remained a part of the newly formed SID as well as part of Macen's group. After an encounter with rogue Starfleet vessels turned pirate, Grace's affiliation with Section 31 was revealed. Macen negotiated her release from their custody to his in exchange for an information exchange and a "favour".

Macen's kindness towards her has bound Grace's loyalty completely to him. She no longer reports to Section 31 and is subsequently considered a deserter. Only Macen's agreement secures her safety. Despite all this, Grace was reluctant to reveal her true nature to her comrades. This second deception proved to be Grace's undoing and nearly cost her her position within the team.

Grace displays superhuman traits such as enhanced multitasking abilities, abnormal strength, superior sensory capability, inhuman reflexes, and rapid healing abilities. All of these enable her to be among the best pilots the Alpha Quadrant has ever known. Carrying the racial memories of her species as well as the piloting and navigational skills of her parents, Grace possesses a knowledge base rivalling that of a Trill symbiont host.

1st Appearance: "Odyssey"

Radil Jenrya

Tactical Specialist
Race: Bajoran (altered to appear Human)

Radil Jenrya was born in a Resistance cell camp. Raised amongst the freedom fighters, Radil learned the arts of combat before she learned to read. Her cell continued to operate even after the Cardassian withdrawal from Bajor. They assisted the Maquis throughout their struggle with the Cardassians. After the fall of the Maquis, the cell plotted strikes against Cardassia and her Dominion allies. In order to accomplish these lofty goals they needed supplies. In order to earn the latinum necessary to acquire their needed supplies, they sent dozens of younger cell members out as contracted mercenary soldiers.

Radil's last assignment was with the Orion Syndicate. While escorting Rab Daggit, Radil was caught in the same transporter beam that pulled Daggit off-planet. Daggit managed to persuade Radil to sign on with the SID team. Afterwards, bounty hunters sent by the Syndicate convinced Radil to undergo cosmetic surgery. Temporarily sporting a human appearance, Radil has developed a general loathing for all things Terran. Radil has since regained her native appearance and has relaxed her stance on Terrans.

Radil's combat skills, engineering abilities, and communications wizardry have made her an invaluable asset in a short time. Her attitude seems gruff but underneath her bluster she truly cares about her teammates.

1st Appearance: "Uprising"


Medical Specialist
Race: Klingon

Kort was a prominent battlefield medic until being "promoted" to Chancellor Gowron's staff. Unfortunately, his position was that of caring for Gowron's pet targs' health. Kort fell into drinking his days and nights away. When his services were finally called upon, the patients died. Gowron banished Kort from the Empire and stripped him of name, house and rank.

Admiral Nechayev contacted Kort and offered the position medic for her Intelligence operations. Assigned to the ill-fated USS Odyssey, Kort swiftly grew to admire Macen. When the SID formally announced its existence, Kort opted to stay with Macen's team.

1st Appearance: "Odyssey"

Hal Dracas

Engineering Specialist
Race: Ardannian Troglyte

Dracas came to Starfleet to escape his native world. Assigned to the Special Project Yards (SPYards), he spent eighteen years designing and building some of Starfleet Intelligence's most covert crafts, weapons, and intelligence gathering tools. Given the opportunity for fieldwork, Dracas readily signed on with Macen's SID team.

After his mistreatment at the hands of Andergani hired former Starfleet pirates, Dracas had to undergo radical cosmetic reconstruction. Now wearing a new face, Dracas has forgotten the traumas of the past and is instead focusing on ways to construct better equipment and coax greater performance out of the Solstice.

1st Appearance: "Uprising"

Lisea Danan

Sciences Specialist
Race: Joined Trill

Danan became romantically involved with Brin Macen weeks after meeting him. She subsequently accompanied him during his infiltration of the Maquis. Although Danan remained by his side throughout the mission, by the end of it, their relationship was in jeopardy.

While Macen went behind the lines during the height of the Dominion War, Danan worked with the Daystrom Institute, charting safe routes through the Badlands. At the war's conclusion, Danan learned of Nechayev's plans for Macen and the SID and volunteered for the mission. She served as Macen's Executive Officer throughout the mission but left the team upon its conclusion.

Returning to the Daystrom Institute, Danan immersed herself in the charting of little used stellar routes. It was during one such survey that the Nova Romans of 492 IV took her captive. Danan was reunited with Macen during his subsequent rescue of the Federation captives on the planet.

Danan requested a reinstatement to the team but insisted upon a policy of non-fraternisation. Macen was happy to comply and Lisea Danan returned to the SID.

1st Appearance: "Odyssey"


Engineering Specialist
Race: Orion

An escaped sex slave turned engineer, Parva met Hal Dracas when they both served in Starfleet Intelligence's Special Projects Yard. She was recruited out of the SPYards when Dracas took a leave of absence from the SID team. Parva stepped in and served with distinction. Dracas returned and Parva stayed on with the team. She has since become the Chief Engineer of the SS Obsidian. She has also entered into a romantic arrangement with Rab Daggit.

1st Appearance: "Genesis"

Joachim Dracas

Engineering Specialist
Race: Roman

A clone of Hal Dracas, Joachim was created utilising samples harvested from Hal's semen. Brought together with the SID by the Roman Emperor Alaric, Joachim was given the mantle of Chief Engineer following Parva's debilitating wounds. Having passed every Starfleet engineering exam, Dracas continues to demonstrate his skills.

1st Appearance: "Twilight"


Primary Vessel Registry

SS Obsidian NDR-745198 

Nova-class surveyor

Upgraded engines permit a maximum speed of Warp 9.71 for up to twelve hours. Top cruising speed is Warp 6.5. Redundant and overlapping shield emitters greatly enhance the ship's defensive capabilities. Although the weapons systems on the Obsidian are minimal, the ultra-sensitive sensor arrays allow the ship to generally detect threats well before they pose a danger. Atmospheric operations capabilities enhance the covert operations profile of the vessel.

SS Solstice NDR-745117

Blackbird-class variant

The first hull construction of this class since the mid-24th century. Equipped with 5Type X phaser arrays, a Class 4 Klingon cloaking device, regenerative shields and ablative armour, the Solstice is well armed and capable of defending herself. Possessing a Type MX warp core and enhanced warp engines, she has plenty of speed and power available. A maximum speed of Warp 9.65 is sustainable for up to twelve hours. Enhanced sensors and atmospheric capabilities are ideal for covert operations.


Support Vessels

SS Corsair NR-40671

Danube-class runabout

Modular units include one brig, one armoury, one medical unit and one sleeping cabin in addition to the standard lounge in the rear compartment. All other capabilities are up to Starfleet specification.

SS Equinox NDR-7761

Type-18 shuttle

Assigned to the Obsidian, the Equinox serves as an auxiliary support craft. All specifications are Starfleet's standard norms.

SS Eclipse NDR-7762

Type-18 shuttle

Assigned to the Obsidian, the Eclipse serves as an auxiliary support craft. All specifications are Starfleet's standard norms.


Former Vessels

SS Eclipse NDR-3417

Ju'day-class raider
Maximum speed: Warp 9.56
Status: Destroyed

A testbed of hybrid technology, with Defiant-class pulse phaser and warp drive melded with civilian technology. The Eclipse was a cranky ship. Her Class 4 Klingon cloaking device and atmospheric operational capabilities made her ideal for covert operations. 

USS Odyssey

Hydra-class escort
Status: Destroyed

A competing prototype to the Defiant-class. Assigned to the SID during the Gulag mission. Suspected sabotage destabilised the subspace field emitters and caused the ship to disincorporate.

SS Odyssey

Blackbird-class scoutship
Status: Destroyed

Macen's command during the Maquis Rebellion. Captured from a Section 31 depot. Upgraded and pressed into service after the loss of the Hydra-class Odyssey, was destroyed in an encounter with renegade Starfleet officers turned pirate.


Obsidian Crew

Shannon Forger

2nd Officer
Race: Human


Engineer's Mate
Race: Gideonite

Shervarhia'annderi "Rhiann"

Secondary Pilot
Race: Andorian


Transporter Chief
Race: Tellarite

Abigail Collins

Security Deputy
Race: Human


Relief Pilot
Race: Tyrokian


Race: Deltan


Secondary Characters

Alynna Nechayev

Admiral, Starfleet; Director of Starfleet Intelligence
Race: Human

Amanda Drake

Rear Admiral, Starfleet; Special Investigation Division Director
Race: Human

Christine Pike

SID liaison, Starfleet
Race: Human

Ambril Delori

Lieutenant, Starfleet; Assistant to SID Director
Race: Bajoran

Ro Laren

Lieutenant, Bajoran Militia Special Forces; Chief of Security for Deep Space 9
Race: Bajoran


Simple tailor; former Obsidian Order agent
Race: Cardassian


Commander, Tal Shiar
Race: Romulan

Robert Tavar Johnson

Admiral, Diplomatic Envoy to the Diplomatic Service
Race: Human

Edward Noyce

Vice Admiral, Director of Starfleet Security
Race: Human

Bill Ross

Vice Admiral, Starfleet; CO Bajoran Theatre
Race: Human

Harj Benteel

Captain, Starfleet; SID Chief Intelligence Analyst
Race: Rigellian


Captain, Starfleet; SID Chief of Operations
Race: Andorian

Jaroess Marrine

Vice Admiral, Starfleet; Director of Starfleet Security
Race: Ktarian

Kiv Rever

Flight Engineer Stellar Pleasure Cruises, Inc.
Race: Trill

Harcourt "Harry" Fenton Mudd IV

Smuggler, gunrunner, confidence artist, thief
Race: Human

Hayley Galloway

Physician, Johns Hopkins
Race: Human

Stan Guthrie

Lt. Commander, Starfleet; Special Operations Command
Race: Human

Nigel Forger

Amanda Drake and Shannon Forger's father. Retired Project Manager from the Antares Shipyards
Race: Human

Kara Gena

Former New Order leader
Race: Bajoran

Astris Beru

1st Minister of Bajor
Race: Bajoran

Gant Delane

Federation President
Race: Edosian

Amelia Wynter

President, Earth
Race: Human

Drake Parsons

President, Luna
Race: Human

Korista Schrieber

President, Mars
Race: Human

Vladimir Kirov

Premier of Bolshevik
Race: Human

Stanislas Jarulski

President of Barrinor
Race: Human

Pytor Boromov

Gunrunner, activist
Race: Human

Feist Dervin

Prince of Cardassia
Race: Cardassian

Aneesh Dervin

Princess of Cardassia
Race: Cardassian

Katreen Dervin

Chrysalis Child, Monarch of Cardassia
Race: Cardassian

Lyoti Mariska

Former Cardassian Glinn. Katreen Dervin's sworn Protector
Race: Cardassian

Bertram Sindis

Ruler of Mityr, Chairman of the Meirkus Conglomeration
Race: Iridian

Michelle Prentiss

Lt. Commander, SID IA Investigator
Race: Human

Richard Drake

Amanda Drake's husband, CO of the SS Helios
Race: Human

Harmon Rappaport

XO, SS Helios
Race: Human

Aubrey Hathaway

CONN Officer, SS Helios
Race: Human

Gary Toombs

Science Officer, SS Helios
Race: Human

Elise Feldman

Weapons Officer, SS Helios
Race: Human

Stavros Xerxes

Engineer, SS Helios
Race: Human


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