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SID Rebirth by Travis Anderson

A new era for the team develops as a universe finds its need
for a Starfleet Special Investigation Division. The same team in a different reality.

The Rebirth
The SID team awakens after receiving strange warnings from a "higher" life form to find themselves "Strangers in a Strange Land". Can the team adapt to their new circumstances or will the SID saga come to an end?

Second Chances
Dealing with all of life's changes can be overwhelming. But there are also chances to make right or prevent wrongs that have happened "before". So the SID team confronts threats from the past and the present while struggling to move forward into their future.

Tidal Forces
The shifting political sands sweep up the SID. And their own limitations must be addressed by both corporate members and Starfleet. Changes, more so than already, are in store for everyone.

Four in a Row
What began as simple harassment has escalated into four major skirmishes. Skirmishes that will alter Outbound Ventures' priorities for years to come as well as broaden the gap between the SID and Starfleet Command.

The Prophets' OTHER children appear and it bodes ill for the Bajorans. Meanwhile, the Intendants Ro and Kira continue their mad march across the Alpha Quadrant.

With Starfleet's ongoing withdrawal from interstellar affairs, opportunists take the opportunity to "preach" the word to their neighbors. Even if they have to kill to persuade them.

Inside Job
A governmental crisis has overtaken the Federation. Can the democratic order survive? Does anyone still want it to?

Ascendancy Rising
The Federation reaches out to the Ascendancy only to receive a great surprise. A surprise that leads from the Gamma to the Beta Quadrant.

Hidden Corners
President Ardra's administration gets investigated by the Rockford Detective Agencies, Outbound Ventures, and eventually Starfleet and Federation Security as the Federation Council must choose whether or not to act upon the evidence.

Independence Day
As the growing tensions between Starfleet and the Patriots tighten, a new diplomatic crisis develops nearby. Starfleet Intelligence has agents in place and the SID wants to exfiltrate them. So Macen and two new SID crews go in. Only to receive the surprises of their lives.

The Patriot Confederacy has seceded from the Federation but is threatened by both Federation and Romulan interests. Unknown to all parties, this also invokes a patriotic crisis within Cell 51.

Message to the Readers of SID Rebirth
SID Rebirth - the reason why.

SID Rebirth Personnel and Vessel Profiles
A list of the characters and the ships.



I do not own Star Trek or its related intellectual properties. All original characters are my intellectual properties in relation to or without Star Trek. Robert Tavar Johnson being Milo Pinter's intellectual property used with permission just as my rights reverse to his in a shared property agreement dating back to 2008. I hold the literary rights to the Obsidian crew and the SID team and acquired the same to the Intrepid crew and characters that I didn't create. Milo holds the film rights to all of the above.

"Alternate" starship classes were designed by Bernd Schneider and can be found along with an illustrated "Personnel and Starships" file regarding the characters at Illustrated versions of the SID can also be found in later additions to the chronology.

No profit other than enjoyment has been produced by the release of these materials.


Last modified: 28 Jun 2024