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Message to the Readers of SID Rebirth by Travis Anderson

A new era for the team develops as a universe finds its need
for a Starfleet Special Investigation Division. The same team in a different reality.

SID Rebirth: The Why of It

I spent August 2019-February 2022 uninvolved with writing Star Trek material. I'd stepped away to focus on other projects and try to ascertain where to go next with the SID and the Cause stories.

In the meantime, Star Trek Discovery had filled in two years of history that, like Enterprise before it, no one in the 23rd or 24th centuries seemed aware of. Then Star Trek Picard happened and Discovery went into the 32nd Century.

I'd tied the SID into Simon & Schuster's CBS licensed "lit-verse" that carried on where Star Trek Nemesis and even Deep Space Nine had left off. But Picard ripped that foundation apart. So I had a challenge: to rectify the past, present, and future of the SID with these "revelations".

So here's my answer. Of course, I had to bring along my characters and Milo Pinter's Intrepid crew and supporting cast. Milo was kind enough after our collaborative efforts to entrust me with the care of his creations and I wouldn't sacrifice Robert Tavar Johnson, Jim McKinley, Andreja Sikorksy or the rest for the sake of expediency. These characters need telling as much as my own. So I hope Milo reads these stories when he has time.

So once again, I'm tying my series into canon as much as I possibly can with a strong influence from the lit-verse's Star Trek Coda conclusion. Of course, with Strange New Worlds set to rewrite Trek history, yet again, I'll have to make further adjustments as we go along. But the time away and the current challenges have reinvigorated my interest in writing SID stories again.

Best wishes,


Last modified: 12 Jun 2022