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The SID 10-Year Anniversary by Travis Anderson

The Spy, the Rebel, the Daredevil, the Fighter, the Lightbulb, the Muscle, the Fixer, the
Rock, the Brain, and one ship shared by all. The tale continues...

Well, itís been hard to believe itís been ten years since this madness began. It began subtly, writing the story Just Another Day for the Star Trek Strange New Worlds anthology/contest. I didnít place but I reached the 2nd read pile, which was only overshadowed by the published submissions. The editor, the estimable Dean Wesley Smith, was very encouraging and asked for more.

These stories, restricted to 7500 words in length (since they paid by the word) brought me into the world of fan fiction. Iíd had a brief foray into it during eh 1st Season of Farscape. Iíd been nominated for an Aeryn Award but eventually lost that to another. But after my first Trek outing, I knew what I wanted. I wanted Star Trek with all of its history and glory.

So I continued writing for Strange New Worlds. Always reaching the 2nd read pile but never getting any higher. In the interim, I began to craft the SID story Odyssey. Iíd introduced Macen, Danan, and TíKir in my ST:SNW Maquis tales but I had a larger story in mind. What happened to the characters after the Dominion War? What had they done after the collapse of the Maquis and the ravages of the Dominion? These questions filled my I wrote.

The result became known as the Star Trek Special Investigations Division. And surprisingly, at least to me, people seemed to like it. My host, the ever wise and diligent Bernd Schneider, kept posting and I kept writing. Which turned out, I wrote quite a lot.

Itís been quite the ride and it will continue to be so. I have a few more stories in mind and I hope that you, the readers, will join me. Youíve been the inspiration behind all of this proclivity. I found a receptive audience that wanted more so I gave you more. And in turn even more was asked for. Itís all been quite a whirlwind. I hope youíll stay with me as we venture into the next chapter of the SID. It should be quite a ride.

Best wishes,


Last modified: 12 Jun 2022