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Tales of the SID Personnel and Vessel Profiles by Travis Anderson

The Spy, the Rebel, the Daredevil, the Fighter, the Lightbulb, the Muscle, the Fixer, the
Rock, the Brain, and one ship shared by all. The tale continues...


Brin Macen

Celeste Rockford

Brin Macen

Mission Commander; Race: El-Aurian

Macen served Starfleet Intelligence in the front lines of the Border Wars before infiltrating the Maquis. Afterwards he served with a special detached commando group behind Dominion lines. After the war he joined the nascent Special Investigations Division and became Mission Commander of his own team.

Celeste Rockford

Investigative Specialist; Race: Angosian

Rockford was born Annika Ryst on Angosia. Volunteering to serve against Tarsisian forces, Ryst was chosen to undergo the enhancement process that created Augmented soldiers. Ryst was specifically chosen to become an Augment Infiltrator. Capable of adopting entirely separate personas, Ryst served with brutal distinction as she assassinated entire enemy squads. Rockford was a persona created when Ryst needed to evade pursuit. Her work as a private investigator enhanced Ryst's combat readiness when she reemerged as the dominant psyche. Although, Ryst and the other personas sacrificed themselves to merge into Rockford's gestalt.

Rab Daggit


Rab Daggit

Special Operations Specialist; Race: Angosian

Another Angosian Augment, Daggit served with distinction in his people's war against Tarsis. Held captive in a lunar prison until the arrival of the Enterprise-D, Daggit was subsequently released. Finding himself still ostracized by his own people, he ready accepted the offer to join Starfleet with a field commission of lieutenant during the Dominion War. Assigned as field commander of a specialized commando group, Macen found himself working alongside Macen for the first time.


Medical Specialist; EMH

Tessa is a fully self-aware holographic program. Given free rein of the Obsidian, she is free to roam the ship through the installation of holographic projectors throughout the vessel. Inquisitive, Tessa wants to learn every aspect of humanoid life. This includes her burgeoning romance with Galen 3.

Arianna Forte


Arianna Forte

Investigative Associate; Race: Miriian

Forte was born on the duplicate Earth called Miri. Extremely long lived thanks to the biological warfare that decimated the original population. Forte and her fellow adolescents will inherit the planet now ruled by Miri and her cohorts. Leaving her home world behind, Forte proved to be a genius level prodigy. Endlessly fascinate by puzzles, Forte is apprenticing to be a private investigator with the Rockford Detective Agency. Rockford personally recruited Forte into the SID.


Engineering Specialist; Race: Genetically Engineered Orion

Parva was a former sex slave that escaped her thralldom. Taking courses in engineering she excelled at starship design and maintenance. Working at Starfleet Intelligence's Special Projects Yards Parva was personally recruited b Hal Dracas to be his replacement on Macen's SID team.

Anara "Angelique Kerber"

Anthony Burrows

Anara "Angelique Kerber"

Cybernetic Systems and OPS Specialist; Race: Ardanan Troglyte

Angelique Kerber is the alias adopted by Anara. Anara was born on Ardana to the Troglyte class. A gifted cybernetic systems and OPS specialist, she joined the mutlicaste freedom fighters known as the Liberators. But betrayed by the Troglyte Clan Elders, Kerber had to flee her native world with a fellow Liberator operative and working partner.

Anthony "Tony" Burrows

Special Operations Specialist, Field Medic; Race: Human

Burrows once belonged to Starfleet's Special Operations Command. A protégé of Elias Vaughn, Burrows heard legends of Vaughn's association with Macen throughout his own relationship with Vaughn. Discharged for medical reasons, Burrows was contacted by Macen and offered a chance to still make a difference.

Maarta "Bailey Smith"


Maarta "Bailey Smith"

Linguist/Cryptologist; Race: Ardanan Stratosian

Smith is Maarta's alias that Kerber devised for her. A long time associate of Kerber's in the Liberators, Smith convinced Kerber to accept Macen's offer and join the SID.


Investigative Associate; Race: Fabrini

Shade is a colonist on Darvan V after the asteroid appearing world ship Yolanda allowed several dozen Fabrini to disembark. Shade found a niche is solving crimes on her colony world. Looking for greater challenges and experiences, Shade left Darvan V and travelled to Cestus III where she encountered detectives working for that world's branch of Rockford Investigations. Shade studied and apprenticed and eventually joined the agency. Having come under the notice of Rockford herself, she readily joined the SID when given a chance.

Tracy Ebert

Harriet "Harri" Fedora Mudd

Tracy Ebert

Flight Operations Specialist; Race: Human

Ebert was recruited to pilot the Blackbird-class SS Odyssey when Macen was with the Maquis. She served under him until the Maquis collapsed under the Jem'Hadars' offensive. Eking out a living as a smuggler and thief afterwards, Ebert was at a crossroads when Macen approached her once again and gave her yet another cause to fight for.

Harriet "Harri" Fedora Mudd

Undercover Agent; Race: Human

Mudd is a freelance operative for Rockford. A smuggler, confidence artist, thief, and part time bounty hunter, Mudd will d virtually anything for latinum. Accidently finding herself in Rockford's sphere she seems to get sucked into opportunities to make the right choice with alarming frequency.

Lee Kang

Lee Kang

Investigative/Forensics Specialist; Race: Human

A former Chief Inspector of Chung Kua's constabulary, Lee find himself framed for a crime he didn't commit. Kicked off the police force and deported off world, Lee was adrift until Rockford learned of his story through one of her detective agencies. Macen quickly responded by offering Lee a job.


Inactive Team Members


Operational Systems Specialist; Race: Vulcan - DECEASED-CLONED-DECEASED

Hannah Grace

Flight Operations Specialist; Race: Kelvan - DECEASED

Joachim Dracas

Engineering Specialist; Race: Troglyte - DECEASED


Tracker; Race: Acamarian - DECEASED

Hal Dracas

Engineering Specialist; Race: Ardannian Troglyte - DECEASED

Jamie Kirk

Starship Operations Specialist; Race: Iotian - DECEASED

Nerrit Wen

Special Operations Specialist; Race: Bajoran - DECEASED

Wyn Mesa

Flight Operations Specialist; Race: Bajoran - JOINED STARFLEET

Ziva Delain



Obsidian Crew

Shannon Forger

Executive Officer; Race: Human

Jaycee Miller

Chief Tactical Officer/Chief of Security; Race: Human

Jelena Kovic

Deputy Chief of Security


Deputy Chief Engineer, SS Obsidian; Race: Gideonite

Edwin Zimbalist

Chief OPS Officer, SS Obsidian; Race: Human


Transporter Chief, SS Obsidian; Race: Tellarite

Galen 3

Chief Science Officer, SS Obsidian; Eminarean


CONN Officer, SS Obsidian; Race: Platonian


Supporting Cast

Talera P'ris

Former Commander, Tal Shiar; Granted political asylum on Cardassia Prime; Race: Romulan


CMO Serenity Station, former SID operative; Race: Klingon

Bryce Fanning

Obsidian home office manager; Race: Human

Kathy Tyrol

Outbound Ventures CEO; Race: Human

Christine Pike

SID liaison, Outbound Ventures, Inc.; Race: Human

Ambril Delori

Lt. Commander, Starfleet; Assistant to SID Director; Race: Bajoran

Elim Garak

Ambassador to the Federation; Race: Cardassian

Edward Noyce

Vice Admiral, Starfleet; Director of Starfleet Security; Race: Human

Kiv Rever

Flight Engineer, Stellar Pleasure Cruises, Inc.; Race: Trill

Harcourt "Harry" Fenton Mudd IV

Smuggler, gunrunner, confidence artist, thief; Race: Human

Hayley Galloway

Physician, Johns Hopkins; Race: Human

Annika Ryst

Orion Syndicate mercenary, Rockford's original identity; Race: Angosian

Nigel Forger

Amanda Drake and Shannon Forger's father. Retired Project Manager from the Antares Shipyards; Race: Human

Kara Gena

Former New Order leader, wife of Astris Beru; Race: Bajoran

Astris Beru

1st Minister of Bajor, wife of Kara Gena; Race: Bajoran

Stanislas Jarulski

Former President of Barrinor; Race: Human

Korista Schrieber

Prime Minister of Mars

Pytor Boromov

Gunrunner, activist; Race: Human

Feist Dervin

Prince of Cardassia; Race: Cardassian

Aneesh Dervin

Princess of Cardassia; Race: Cardassian - DECEASED

Katreen Dervin

Chrysalis Child, Monarch of Cardassia; Race: Cardassian

Lyoti Mariska

Dal, Cardassian Guard; Katreen Dervin's sworn Protector; Race: Cardassian

Bertram Sindis

Ruler of Mityr, Chairman of the Meirkus Conglomeration, Don of the Orion Syndicate; Race: Iridian - DECEASED

Rekena Garan

Castellan, Cardassian Union; Race: Cardassian

Resk Corant

Chairman Cardassian Intelligence Bureau; Race: Cardassian

Nanietta Bacco

UFP President; Race: Human

Esperanza Piniero

Presidential Chief of Staff; Race: Human

Raisa Shostakova

UFP Secretary of Defense; Race: Human - DECEASED


Starfleet Personnel

Elias Vaughn

Commander, Starfleet - RETIRED; Race: Human

Ro Laren

Captain, CO Deep Space Nine, USS Defiant; Race: Bajoran

Alfonso Reyes

Captain, CO Deep Space Three; Race: Human

Amanda Forger

Admiral, Director of the Special Investigation Division; Race: Human

Alynna Nechayev

Admiral, Director of Starfleet Intelligence; Race: Human

Edward Noyce

Admiral, Director of Starfleet Security; Race: Human

Leonard James Akaar

Admiral, Chief of Operations; Race: Cappellan

Edward Jellico

Fleet Admiral; Commander-in-Chief; Race: Human

Stan Guthrie

Commander, Special Operations Command; Race: Human

Michelle Prentiss

Commander, SID IA Investigator; Race: Human


Lt. Commander, Starfleet; JAG Corps; Race: Vulcan


Section 31 Personnel

Edward Fowler

Agency Director

Erika Benteen

Strategic Operations Officer; Starfleet Commanding Officer Deep Space Four

Blythe Winter

Field Agent; Mole within Federation Bureau of Investigation

Colin Riley

Field Agent

Eden Smith

Field Agent

Genevieve Stuart

Field Agent

Guadalupe Gutierrez



Senior Field Agent; Counter Terrorist Operations field director; Former Maquis

Hoshi Kiratama

Field Agent; Mole within Interstellar Security Agency

Jack Fowler

Deputy Director Field Operations

Julia Ramirez

Field Agent

Katie Monroe

Director of Intelligence Division

Li Kang

Senior Field Agent

Lydia Martins

Deputy Director of Intelligence Division

Padma Kapor

Field Support

Rick Dekker


Robert Roy

Director of Field Operations

Sarina Douglas

Senior Field Agent

Seamus Butler

Field Agent


Field Agent; Counter Terrorism Unit; Former Maquis

Sierra Noth


Angelique Noth

Field Support

Thora Collins

Director of Field Support

Wes Petrie

Senior Field Agent

Zan Xian

Field Support


Crew Manifests

USS Defiant

USS Enterprise-E

USS Aventine

USS Intrepid

Additional Personnel

USS Hood

USS Monitor

USS Merrimack

USS Voyager

USS Robinson

Deep Space Nine

USS Excalibur

USS Trident


USS Sentinel

USS Specter

USS Eclipse

USS Dauntless


Outbound Ventures Ships and Crews

Nor-class space station Serenity

Shogun-class SS Spearhead

Lancelot-class SS Guinevere

Sirius-class SS Dog Star

Andor-class SS Lug Nut

Newton-class SS Copernicus


Primary Vessel Registry

NDR 74315 SS Obsidian

Nova-class surveyor. Upgraded engines permit a maximum speed of Warp 8.3 for up to twelve hours. Top cruising speed is Warp 6.1 Redundant and overlapping shield emitters greatly enhance the ship's defensive capabilities. The weapons systems on the Obsidian are preserved at manufactured norms. The ultra-sensitive sensor arrays allow the ship to generally detect threats well before they pose a danger. Sensor shrouding hull plating and atmospheric operational capabilities enhance the covert operations profile of the vessel.

Status: ACTIVE

NDR 745117-A SS Solstice

Blackbird-class variant. Equipped with 5 Type X phaser arrays, a Class 4 Klingon cloaking device, regenerative shields and ablative armor, the Solstice is well armed and capable of defending herself. Possessing a Type MX warp core and enhanced warp engines, she has plenty of speed and power available. Max. speed of Warp 9.65 is sustainable for up to twelve hours. Enhanced sensors and atmospheric capabilities are ideal for covert operations.



Support Vessels

NS 40671 SS Corsair II

Danube-class runabout


Featured EAS Fleet Yards Starships


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