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Maquis Personnel Profiles by Travis Anderson

The tales from the Maquis

Crew of the SS Odyssey

Brin Macen

Lisea Danan

Brin Macen

Starfleet Commander, Operative for Starfleet Intelligence. Serving both the Maquis and Alynna Nechayev's covert plans for Ro Laren. Captain of the Odyssey; Race: El-Aurian

Lisea Danan

Starfleet Lt. Commander, Stellar Cartographer; recruited by Macen to assist him under cover. Conceals identity of being a Trill by manipulating hair color and style. XO of the Odyssey; Race: Joined Trill


Tracy Ebert


OPS Specialist, certified computer genius. Raised by followers of Sybok's tenets rather than Surak's. Colonist from Shial. Every last colonist slain by Cardassians except those off world during the attack; Race: Vulcan

Tracy Ebert

Pilot, trained aboard a family owned freighter registered out of Umoth. Allergic to Retnax, utilizes spectacles to correct vision. Glasses have a Heads Up Display system that feeds her navigational data upon request. Ebert joined the Maquis after her family's freighter was found a gutted wreck after a Cardassian patrol stopped them; Race: Human

Christine Lacey

Tom Eckles

Christine Lacey

Tactical Officer, worked private security at colonial governor's mansion prior to planet being ceded to the Demilitarized Zone. Cardassian executed the governor to prove a point. Lacey was easily recruited to the Maquis afterwards; Race: Human

Tom Eckles

Chief Engineer, Eckles served as the chief engineer on an Ebert family freighter. When the Cardassians seized the family holdings, Eckles took Tracy Ebert and Heidi Darcy under his wing and Brin Macen subsequently found them all and recruited them to the crew of the Odyssey; Race: Human

Heidi Darcy

Heidi Darcy

Engineer's Mate; Eckles' protégé. Served aboard same ship as Eckles. A naturally talented engineer, Eckles has predicted that Darcy will go much further than he has ever dreamt of doing; Race: Human


Ronara Prime cell


Original cell leader. Killed by Cardassian paramilitary assassins in 2370; Race: Human


Macius' deputy. Inherited leadership of Ronaran cell. Subsequently killed in action in 2370; Race: Human

Ro Laren

Ex-Starfleet Lieutenant, graduated Starfleet Advanced Tactical Training course. Infiltrated the Maquis under orders from Vice Admiral Alynna Nechayev. Went AWOL and threw her lot in with the Ronaran cell. Became cell leader upon Santos' death; Race: Bajoran


Founding member of the Ronaran cell. Became Ro's deputy upon her ascension to command. Captured by Starfleet in 2371 as part of Tom Riker's negotiated surrender; Race: Human

Thomas Riker

Ex-Starfleet Lieutenant, commanded the mission to steal the USS Defiant. Surrendered to the Cardassians in exchange for Starfleet gaining custody of his Maquis crew; Race: Human

Aric Tulley

Ro's second deputy. Tactical and security officer for the cell; Race: Human

Emjin Thool

Chief Engineer for the cell; Race: Bolian


Joined Riker and Kalita on mission to steal the Defiant. Captured by Starfleet as per the terms of Riker's surrender to Gul Dukat; Race: Human


Maquis Personnel

Calvin Hudson

Ex-Starfleet Commander, One of the founders of the Maquis movement. Original Maquis Commander. Killed in action in 2371; Race: Human

Michael Eddington

Ex-Starfleet Lt. Commander, Second Maquis Commander. Killed in action in 2373; Race: Human

Svetlana Korepanova

Ex-Starfleet Lt. Commander, Maquis strategist. Recruited Chakotay to the Maquis; Race: Human


Cell leader on Dorvan V; Race: Human


Founding member of the Maquis; Race: Vulcan


Founding member of the Maquis, colonist on Volon III, Cal Hudson's copilot; Race: Human


Killed by Jem'Hadar in 2373

Kassidy Yates

Maquis collaborator, Captain of the Xhosa, Captured by future husband Captain Benjamin Sisko of Starfleet in 2372; Race: Human


Engineer aboard the Xhosa; Race: Bolian


Killed by Jem'Hadar in 2373


Killed by Jem'Hadar in 2373


Killed by Jem'Hadar in 2373


Killed by Jem'Hadar in 2373


Volon III colony leader, founding member of the Maquis; Race: Human

Li Paz

Killed by Jem'Hadar in 2373; Race: Bajoran


Killed by Jem'Hadar in 2373


Killed by Jem'Hadar in 2373


Killed by Jem'Hadar in 2373

William Patrick Samuels

Volon II colonist, planted protomatter bomb aboard the Bok'Nor. Supposedly committed suicide in his cell after being captured by the Cardassians and interrogated by Gul Evek

Rebecca Sullivan

Eddington's wife. Leader in her own right; Race: Human

Teero Anaydis

Vedek, brain washing expert; Race: Bajoran


Killed by Jem'Hadar in 2373


Crew of the Val Jean


Ex-Starfleet Lt. Commander, Captain, Helmsman; Race: Human


Second in Command; Race: Human

B'Elanna Torres

Ex-Starfleet Academy cadet, Chief Engineer; Race: hybrid of Klingon and Human


Starfleet Lieutenant, infiltrated Chakotay's crew, Serves as Tactical Officer; Race: Vulcan


Crew Chief, Intelligence Officer; Race: genetically disguised as Bajoran, truly Cardassian

Kurt Bendera

Race: Human


Race; Human


Race: Bolian

Kenneth Dalby

Race: Human


Race: Human


Race: Bajoran

Mariah Henley

Race: Human


Race: Human


Race: Human


Race: Human

Michael Jonas

Race: Human


Race: Human


Race: Human

Ann Smithee

Race: Human

Lon Suder

Race: Betazoid


Race: Human


Race: Human


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