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Romulan Command by Tim Traas

Chapter 1: Our mission 

Commander V値or was looking out of his window to the stars. He was thinking of his newly born son on Romulus.

On that moment the doorbell went off and he turned to the door and said, "Enter."

It was Sub-Lieutenant Tobur, the deputy of security chief.

"Commander V値or there is a Mark A-1 message from the Diplomatic Corps." the Sub-Lieutenant said with a dark voice.

Commander V値or walked to this computer consol and typed his command code. The computer scanned his DNA to see if he was who he said he was. Sub-Lieutenant Tobur walked out of the commander痴 office. The Romulan Empire logo was displayed on the screen of the commander. On that moment the face of Admiral X痴obor appeared on the screen.

"Commander, it痴 good to see you again." he said.

"Thank you." Commander V値or said with his soft but dangerous voice.

"Commander V値or, the Raptor Class Cruiser Pardek was on its way to the Rycian system far out of the Romulan border, but we lost contact 6 days ago." the admiral told him with a sad face.

Commander V値or was aware that the wife of the admiral was on board the Pardek and therefore the admiral was sad.

"Commander V値or, your mission is to find the Pardek or to track its course." the admiral said with a little bit of a hope in his voice.

"Understood, admiral. I will contact you when we have something new." he said.

Commander V値or walked out of his office to the bridge of his ship. The commander looked to Centurion Salra, the chief Engineer of the ship.

"Centurion Salra, prepare your engines. We池e going to leave orbit." he said and looked at his monitor.

"Yes sir." centurion Salra said and walked to the turbolift.

Already sitting down in this command chair the commander was looking at a report about his mission.

Sub-Commander W'sain, the XO, entered the bridge and walked to the commander.

"Commander, all systems are on-line and our power grid is ready for warp speed."

Commander V値or looked at the sub-commander and said "Thank you" with a dark smile.

The commander looked at the report for a last time and found the power to give his orders.

"Sub-Lieutenant Mecrin, set a course to the Rycian system - warp factor 8, Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Bolic, engage our cloaking device."

The warbird cloaked and went to warp.

The Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Desik walked to the captain with a PADD in his hand. Commander V値or looked at the PADD that only held numbers and pictures of the Rycian system.

"Helm, time until we arrive in the system?" the commander asked.

"1 day 7 hours and 33 minutes at warp 8, sir." Sub-Lieutenant Mecrin said and was looking on his helm panel to check it again.

Commander V値or looked with a small smile at the viewscreen to the stars.

Chapter 2: Good or bad news? 

Commander V'lor was sleeping in his bed. On that moment an alert klaxon went off in his room and on the rest of the ship. The sound was so hard the commander was completely awake. He walked to the comm panel and tried to contact the bridge.

"V値or to Bridge. Status report."

"This is the bridge. We are in the Rycian system and sensors found 2 Cardassian Kulinor-class assault ships."

"On my way." Commander V'lor said.

In his night uniform he walked to the turbolift and rushed to the bridge. On the bridge he went to the science station and looked at the sensor readings.

"Lieutenant Bolic, is the cloak stable?" he asked with a commanding voice.

Lieutenant Bolic looked over these readings and said a dark yes to the commander.

Commander V値or walked to his chair and pushed a button on his communications panel.

"All decks, this is the bridge. Report to level 2 stations. Stand by for level 1. That is all. Bridge out."

The XO watched the captain when he went back to the science station to see if there was any news of the Cardassian ships.

The moment the commander wanted to sit down in his chair an alarm went off on the tactical and science station.

"Sir, a Cardassian Gul Vystan-class scout is dropping out of warp bearing 223 mark 2." Centurion Salra said with a fear in his voice.

The commander looked to the view screen and his mind was trying to find out why three Cardassian vessels were so close to the Romulan border.

"Keep scanning for our vessel." was all he said to the bridge crew.

The bridge crew were all working on scans and star charts about possible locations of the Pardek.

After three hours of scans a science officer said with a happy voice that he found the Pardek.

Commander V値or who had remained silent for the three hours walked to the science officer痴 panel and looked over his scans with a kind of hope.

It was true it was a Romulan signature and it was active. The commander was aware that it could be a trap but he did not have a choice. He was not able to contact the admiral to tell him the new because of the Cardassian ships that were in the system.

The coordinates of the ship were send to the helm officer and he plotted a course.

After ten minutes the same science officer said with an adrenalin voice that the Cardassian ships were on the same course as them to the Romulan vessel and there was already a Cardassian ship near the Pardek.

Commander V値or was looking on a 12th century Romulan clock on his bridge.

He formed a fist and hit the communications button on his panel.

"This is captain- All stations and divisions to battle stations! This is a level 1 alert, I repeat, all stations go to level 1 alert!"

The bridge lights changed to alternating red and green lights.

"All stations report that they are on level 1, sir!" Sub-Commander W'sain said.

Chapter 3: A battle amidst the stars

Commander V値or looked at the clock again.

"Lieutenant Desik," he asked "have you got identification marks of the ship close to the Pardek?"

The Lieutenant did anything he had in his scanners to read the Cardassian transponder code.

"Commander, I think it is a Cardassian salvage freighter." he said.

Commander V値or pushed the communications button and asked for Sub-Lieutenant Tobur.

"Sub-Lieutenant Tobur here," a dark voice said.

"This is Commander V値or, please stand by with security teams gamma 1 2 3 and 4."

Sub-Lieutenant Tobur said only "Yes!"

Centurion Salra reported all weapons and shields were standing by.

Commander V値or looked to Lieutenant Desik and asked for the coordinates of the lead Cardassian ship.

"442 mark 212." Lieutenant Desik said.

The Cardassian ships fired a tractor beam on the Pardek.

Lieutenant Desik reported that the Pardek was heavily damaged and weapons were destroyed.

"Helm, attack pattern Gamma B!" he ordered.

The helm reported that the maneuver was engaged.

"Lieutenant Bolic, decloak the ship on my mark and fire disruptors."

The bridge crew was standing by to attack the Cardassian ships.

"Decloak and fire!" the captain yelled at the commander.

The ship decloaked and fired its forward disruptors and the lead Kulinor-class assault ship was destroyed. The other Kulinor-class assault ship and Gul Vystan-class scout fired on the Romulan ship. The scout vessel fired plasma torpedoes.

"This is Chief Medical Officer Centurion Selis, we have wounded on decks 78 and 79."

"Shields are down to 89%, minor damage on decks 78, 79 and 80." Lieutenant Bolic said with adrenalin in this voice.

"Helm, attack pattern Alpha T" Commander V値or ordered.

The warbird fired plasma torpedoes at the Gul Vystan-class scout and its engines weere off-line after four torpedo hits. But the Kulinor-class assault ship continued firing with its main phaser array at the warbird.

Sub-Commander W'sain reported damage to the aft targeting matrix.

Commander V値or looked to his panel and ordered a full stop.

The helm officer reported full stop and said that the Cardassian assault ship locked on their warp core.

"Lieutenant Bolic, arm the heavy forced tetryon beam." Commander V値or ordered.

"Armed, sir." the lieutenant said and had to hold himself to the panel because of a hit by enemy fire.

"Lock on the beam." Commander V値or ordered.

Lieutenant Bolic reported that he had a lock on the Cardassian ship.

"Fire!" Commander V値or ordered and the beam disabled the Cardassian ship.

Chapter 4: The end

Lieutenant Desik reported that the Cardassians ship痴 weapons array would be back on-line in 40 minutes.

Commander V値or pushed his communications panel and ordered the security teams to board the Pardek.

Commander V値or could not sit in his chair and gave command to this XO. He walked in to the turbo lift and reported to the transporter room. He beamed with a team to the Pardek.

On the Pardek, most of the lights were flickering. Dead bodies were on the deck they beamed on.

Commander V値or gave the order to find a way to the bridge.

The maintenance conduits were not big but the commander needed to crawl to the bridge.

On the bridge, everything was dark and light from the panel were so minimal you would think they where destroyed.

Commander V値or pointed his torch to the command chair. Commander Emock, an old friend from the academy, was dead in his chair. Only the helmsmen was alive on the bridge.

Commander V値or walked to the science panel and tried to access the files of the ship. But the database was so damaged that he was unable to access the files.

"Warbird Terlex to Commander V値or. All the people of the Pardek are aboard. The wife of the admiral was found on deck 12... dead, sir."

Commander V値or痴 face turned red, full of anger and hate. He wanted to kick something, but there was no time for something like that."

"This is Commander V値or. Understood. Stand by to beam me back to the ship."

After 20 minutes, the commander and his teams were back on the ship.

Lieutenant Bolic reported that the Cardassian would have weapons on-line in 4 minutes. Commander V値or looked at the clock and made his mind clear of hate and anger.

"Lieutenant Bolic, lock torpedoes on the Pardek and destroy her."

The bridge crew looked to their captain with silence.

"Yes sir." Lieutenant Bolic trying to stop thinking it over.

The warbird fired on the Pardek, destroying her with four torpedoes.

"Helm, set a course to star base Rimius-3. Warp 9." Commander V値or ordered.

The helm officer pushed in the course and engaged the warp drive.

"Lieutenant Bolic, cloak the ship. Lieutenant Desik, keep making scans for Cardassian ships. Sub-Commander W'sain, keep the ship on level 1 for about 20 minutes and then go back to level 4."

Before the XO could say anything the commander walked into this ready room.

And again, Commander V値or looked at the stars and said to himself, my son I will be home soon.


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