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The UFO Phenomenon by Mathias Rehnman


I would like to state one thing in advance: the information provided in this document is partially speculative and the sources might not be the most reliable ones.

This document is structured into the following parts:

Background Information - here I will give some basic information about the phenomenon itself.

Phenomenon UFO - here I will discuss the psychological and political effects as well as I will give some examples.

Contacts - here comes the interesting stuff. Describing the visitors, explaining experiences with these.

Friend or Foe? - in this area there's only speculation possible. I will share my ideas on this topic with you.


Glossary - you might not know all of the words.


Background Information

People tend to think 'what I can't see doesn't exist', and that applies to the majority of the world population regarding UFO's. But numbers don't lie - even with the fact in mind, that the following are not certainly confirmed, the numbers are impressive: Around 380,000 people a year claim to have seen a UFO, cut down to about 11,000 separate objects a year. Even granted, if 95% are either faked (bribery, followers of a UFO wave) or misinterpreted phenomena (like 'weather balloons' or northern lights, that appear more in the south than usual), there are still enough left.

Cases of mass hysteria? We will see in the 'Phenomenon UFO'-section.

Interesting fact for UFO skeptics: in 1977, on January 18th to be specific, 'Ten national governments have acknowledged the existence and reality of the UFO-phenomenon. These countries are France, Norway, Sweden, Brasilia, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, the Philippines, Peru and Grenada. Others know of the existence, but deny any knowledge.' This statement was made by Earl of Kimberley, Aerospace expert of the British liberals during a speech in the British House of Lords.

UFO's in this sense (extraterrestrial spacecraft) is an issue not that old. The first serious reports are in connection with the so called 'Roswell'-incident from 1947. It is rumored that an alien spacecraft crashed near the place of Roswell in New Mexico. Ever since there has been a steady increase in UFO spottings by both civilian and military persons. Even though not specifically talking of UFO's, there are strong hints pointing to them in our own history, if we come to think about the demons and sorcerers out of our legends. Some sources claim, that alien visitors have set foot on earth for as long as the last forty-two thousand years and influenced spiritual concepts on this planet (like Buddhist, Christian and other forms of belief, the concept of 'Chakra' and 'Karma' et cetera) Strong indicators are mentions of flying objects in the bible ('god's chariot'), but also in Sanskrit texts ('Vihama'), even space stations might be mentioned in the bible ('New Jerusalem'), although this is speculative.

In general, UFO witnesses report three kinds of shapes: the classic saucer shape (which most people connect with UFO's), the cigar shape (which is common, but less often than saucer) and the triangle (which is the most rare shape to be reported). People report that they are either 'covered in light' or have a 'matt finish' surface. Regardless of the shape, UFO's have one thing in common: that they seem to defy the physical laws known to us. On most occasions, witnesses report that spotted UFO's fly spectacular maneuvers, like accelerating from zero to multiple thousand kilometers per hour within a fraction of a second, changing directions at will (even 180 degree turns without any significant behavioral change) and party tricks like these.


Phenomenon UFO

Skeptics can claim, that they don't exist or are part of a mass hysteria. The main prejudice among people is, that only poor and people living in squalidly see UFO's. This is entirely wrong. UFO's are being spotted by all kind of persons, policemen, nurses, academics, workers, and even politicians. For example, in 1974 Ronald Reagan, back then the governor of California, publicly depicted a UFO spotting of his to reporters. Quote: 'I was aboard my plane. I looked through my window and saw this weird white light. I went to the pilot and asked him 'Have you ever seen anything like this?'. He was shocked and denied. I replied, 'Lets follow it, then!'. We were able to chase it as far as Bakersfield, but to the surprise of us all it suddenly accelerated into the sky' Hallucination of two or more persons at the same time, that ended simultaneously? Doubtful. Jimmy Carter, in 1969, reported a similar event together with twenty persons.

Another common argument is 'why should aliens visit earth, right now, right here?' It is a good question, indeed, and no one knows an answer for sure. I, for myself, speculate that the aliens might have caught up radio- and TV-waves like in the movie 'Contact' and found out about us - the rest was pure curiosity. Radio and TV transmissions travel at the speed of light, and the first transmission to reach space is (like mentioned in 'Contact') Hitler's speech at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in 1936. Since then 67 years have passed, which means civilizations in a 67-lightyear radius could have intercepted this signal. We have 25 star systems within a 14-lightyear radius, and who knows how many more within the next 53 light years. Another speculation of mine is, that the aliens have been visiting earth for the past thousands of years. Probably that is true, and because of the fact that since 1947 the increase in spottings was steady I think something might have alarmed them - maybe it was the explosions of the first atomic bombs in Hiroshima and on the testing grounds of the USA and Soviet Union. I don't know if either is true, or if the truth looks entirely different.

Well, I mentioned before, there are a lot of witnesses every year. Major UFO concentrations are frequently reported in South America (especially Peru, Nazca), the former Soviet Union (Georgia), South Africa and West Europe (France, Spain). Skeptics may claim, that these concentrations occur above poor(er) countries. While this might seem true at the first glimpse, these are only the major concentrations. Countries worldwide report similar events, and a lot of industry nations are among them!

At times, there were real 'Armadas' of UFO's at one spot. Famous examples are:

the 'wraith demonstration over Washington D.C.' in the night of July 18th to July 19th, 1952, as newspapers called it. This was a few days prior to the test of the Hydrogen bomb.

1978. A person of Italian nationality who claimed to have been contacted by extraterrestrials, is jailed. For the following 72 days, UFO's show their full presence with impressive shows over Italy, especially over Sicily. Interesting enough, that a large percentage of witnesses were policemen… 

1981, 13th of August. An Armada of 17 big and 12 accompanying smaller UFO's shows up above Moscow. Later on, two big (estimates lie around one kilometer in length) cigar shaped ships cruise above Moscow, leaving northwards. Similar events occur time and again for the next two to six years.

Interesting facts, you thought? Here comes more. Intelligence organizations like the CIA always denied anything regarding UFO's. But that would change soon. In 1977, the 'Freedom of Information Act' was sent on the way by the US government. This resolution gave any American person the right to request any file from intelligence services, as long as they could provide the file number and the according file didn't jeopardize national security. In the same year the UFO research group GSW requested UFO documents from the CIA. The latter denied because of reasons of national security. GSW filed a lawsuit against the CIA and won it. The CIA was forced to release 937 pages of UFO-documents, an ever increasing number with reaching 3000 pages by 1980. Almost all of these files are classified as 'Secret', 'Top secret' or 'Confidential' - the three highest classifications in the CIA. The proof, that the CIA actually was involved into the UFO topic? Certainly, in my eyes.

Why this secretive manner about UFO's? Well, multiple reasons pop up for this. Here I'll quote NATO-Major Hans C. Petersen and later Mathias Bröckers of the 'Berliner Tageszeitung'.

Hans C. Petersen's summarized a report as following:

the monetary system would collapse, which any in-control power can't allow.

Any religion would have to rethink their beliefs. The truth might be way more simple than the religious leaders have taught us. Churches and religious leaders would suffer losses to their power and influence on mankind, and I doubt any church would want that.

Our energy supply would be changed radically - well at least pretty surely. We would get to know an energy source that is perfectly clean. In this case, the Oil and Nuclear lobbies would completely lose their influence - and thinking about the size of these lobbies, you can imagine the amount of opposition. 

Politicians might need to cede or at least rethink the system. The humans on this planet would recognize themselves as one people, that political borders are relics of a past to vanquish. And who would trust politicians that have lied to them for decades?

Mathias Bröckers, reporter for the 'Berliner Tageszeitung', wrote an report about the secretive behavior in politics about UFO's, and why it still exists in 1990: '… now like then political governments have no interest (mainly, but not alone out of self-preservation purposes) in acknowledging the existence of a technological and spiritual superior cosmic authority. Who is going to listen to a earthling lump like Helmut Kohl, who to Nobel Prized persons, and who to our famed experts, if suddenly a small grey person appears on TV and starts to talk about rules and laws on Zeta Reticuli and the history of the cosmos? Not a single one - and this is the reason why UFO's need to remain on Loch-Ness level. The existence of alien lifeforms is too subversive, too radical and would kick any 'hard fact' that we have gathered along the last two thousand years. And which lord of the creation would accept, that the paranormal isn't paranormal, but only 'sub-normal.'

In my opinion, this is very true. Human nature always showed the tendency to control others. This won't change for the next few years either, the rich want to keep their style of life and on a subconscious level people can't believe to be on par with those 'sub class workers' et cetera. Personally, the current way the world works right now feels wrong. Even the most optimistic outlooks tell that our fossil fuel reserves are going to be exhausted within this century, and who knows how little other resources we have left.

People tend to banalize the UFO-topic, and indeed, like mentioned before, 95% of the reports are faked, misinterpreted natural phenomena or other causes of terrestrial origin. But there are the 5 remaining percents. Sadly, most of the population denounce UFO witnesses as dreamers and madmen, without even checking the case. I can imagine that the armies have had a large part in banalizing this topic. In media, most of the reports about the phenomenon only take on the 95% of incorrect information, another 'evasive action' taken by media is by picking ONE case which is depicted as THE solution to this phenomenon, and to top all of these things, they denounce people who claim to have seen an UFO as psychic sick or people seeking a replacement religion etc. (although I have to admit that this actually applies to some persons among the UFO-believers).

On an individual level, there is also probably a fear of radical changes and new ideas - another tendency of mankind. Condemn anything new, keep it the old way. Another fact is that our social development lags behind our technological advance. Alien visitors contacting persons on earth have expressed this as 'children playing with fire' (nuclear warfare) - which is a good analogy, in my opinion. This might have improved in recent years, but it still lags behind.

Speaking of contacts: is this another symptom of wretched or bribed minds? I'll go further into this now.



We have to differentiate six kinds of encounters: The (positive) encounters of the first, second, third, fourth, (now negative) fifth kind and abductions. Originally there were only three levels of encounters:

The first kind is a spotting at close range (within 150 meters), but without leaving any visible marks on ground or witnesses, and no visible crewmen.

The second kind applies to a possible touchdown, with recognizable traces, such as mechanical impact, burned marks and radiation damage to vegetation, humans and animals. But also left back substances, and physical damage to witnesses (like fever, nausea and partial paralysis) are indications for this kind of contact.

The close encounters of the third kind are like the second kind, but additionally beings are spotted, with a possible contact as well. Later two additional categories were added.

The encounter of the fourth kind applies to abductions and direct contacts in general. In this case, the visitors showed the intention to directly contact individuals.

The encounter of the fifth kind describes cattle and human mutilations, as well as contacts with UFO's with hazarding or lethal outcome. (Some would include abductions in this category, I don't.)

Abductions are also known, perhaps even more famous than the close encounters. This is the kind so many people fear - being abducted by a spacecraft, experimented with and left without any memory about this event until a hypnosis brings that back to daylight. It's not determinable if these abductions are to be seen in a hostile or scientific light.

Judging by reports and transcripts of hypnotized person's explanations, we can differ three general kinds of alien life forms, hereby declared Type I, II and III.

Type I:

This is probably the most often spotted kind of alien described by contactants, the so called 'Grey'. Everyone should know from TV how these look like: small (about 1.20m), with grey skin (although the description of the skin color varies between white and blue-grey) and big, almond-shaped eyes, a disproportional big head, two slits in the area where we have the nose and a narrow mouth. The mouth is reported to hardly ever move. People depict, that they heard a 'voice' in their heads which indicates telepathic communication. They are described as emotionless beings, not paying attention to the pain of an abducted victim. Their motion is reported to be 'robot-like' in lack of better vocabulary. Another variant of the 'Grey' are the big grey, which seem to analyze the psyche of the victim. They pay more attention to the pain of victims and also try to reduce it. Most victims report that communication occurred most often with these beings. This kind of alien lifeforms seems to be the most common among the contacts and abductions. Most of the reports show little differences in the description of their appearance. Often these kind of aliens warn the abducted/contacted people about disasters and big events. People abducted by this kind of aliens are left with a strong impression, which often results in a change of lifestyle (many became vegetarians after that !).

Type II:

Type two is described as a 'reptiloid' being, reptilians with human features in lack of better words. There seem to be three subgroups for these:
A) the actual 'reptiloids', often described as being between 1,50m and 2,70m in size with a robust anatomy. Eyes are lizard-like, their arms and legs have 4 fingers/toes. Their skin seems to be flaky, just as a reptiles one. Their colors range from green to brown. Some also seem to have a tail which varies in length.
B) the 'Dracos'. If we can believe the reports they represent the elite of the reptiloid aliens. Their sizes range between 2,10m and impressive 3,60m and have a similar appearance as the aliens mentioned in A), with one major difference: reports indicate wings much like the prehistoric pterosaurians. Some witnesses describe some kind of 'cape' which might be the folded wings. Various researchers connect these aliens with the dreaded 'moth man', which chase cars with speeds up to 160 kilometers a hour
C) the final group seems to be a hybrid between Type I and A). They are small (like Type I), but have the general appearance of A). They are often related to the South/Latin-American 'Chupacabra'-legend. The motives of the Type II aliens aren't clear, and it is not possible to classify their position in the 'alien hierarchy'. The interesting, but also confusing part about these species are that they seem to have a material, but also a subtle part. For contactants, they seemed to be out of flesh and blood, while they also seem to appear in the legends of various peoples as spirits and spiritual beings.

Type III:

This kind is the oddest type of alien. Why? Because they look a lot like us. They are held responsible for the majority of 'conscious' contacts (unlike the former two, whose existence is mostly revealed by hypnosis). Contactants describe them as the 'nordic type', meaning the cliché image of Scandinavians (big, blonde or red hair, blue eyes). This kind of information is not the most secure one, but it can't be left out. They seem to be highly spiritual beings, trying to help us. They show a lot of concern about the state of our planet and try to prevent us from self-destruction. Known persons who claim to have been contacted by those are George Adamski and Billy Meier (with the latter being a known charlatan), but also 'normal' (hypnotized) persons report this kind of aliens.

Contactants often report of messages the aliens brought them. Most often those are in connection with natural disasters, nuclear warfare, the destruction of the planet by the industry. Only speculations can be made about the origins of our visitors. According to various sources, the 'Grey' come from the Zeta Reticuli star system, a binary star located around forty light years from our own Solar system. It seems like these aliens, probably most of the other aliens as well, have mastered faster-than-light travel, but I won't go into detail on this part. Other sources think, the 'Grey' are actually human beings from the future, trying to prevent us from doing the same errors again, but both variants are speculative at best. The 'Reptiloids' give some interesting thoughts. Indian beliefs (especially south American ones) tell that these kind of Aliens actually live inside our planet in huge cavern systems, some Indian stories even tell that they occasionally can be seen in caves and tunnels in the Andes. This theory would indicate, that these could be advanced offsprings of the dinosaurs. Anyway, now going on to Type III: their very human appearance give us some puzzles to solve - it indicates a genetic relationship at least, probably relatives of them even colonized or 'seeded' earth with genetic potential. Who knows. Rumors say this kind of aliens come from various star systems, most often mentioned are the giant star Betelgeuse and the Star cluster of the Pleiades.

However, some of the previous aspects of the 'Contacts' section, lead to a new question: are these aliens friend or foe?


Friend or Foe?

This is an important aspect of this document - an awful lot of people think of the movies 'Independence Day' or 'Aliens' in conjunction with extraterrestrial lifeforms - which means people think they are evil, all-conquering beasts with the only purpose to extinguish mankind. In my opinion this is a entirely illogical prejudice.


Every encounter showed great technological superiority if compared to our own technology. If the aliens would have an invasive nature, they would long have conquered our planet - and as they are multiple hundred or thousand years ahead of us in development, they could have subjugated our planet in the middle age or earlier when there were fewer humans and inferior technology (which would mean little to no resistance).


Their evolution is ahead as well - all three types of alien lifeforms have proven telepathic ability, which could easily be used to manipulate our minds.


Contacts so far didn't seem to be 'evil'. Even though abducted persons sometimes had received physical damage by either the spacecraft or the experiments of the aliens, the nature of these are only rarely fatal or affecting a persons physical condition in the long term.

The agenda of all three types of aliens is not visible to us, maybe they are competing with each other about earth, or about spiritual superiority, or whatever else. We humans can only see the things from our point of view, and this one is rather limited. In any case, I personally don't think these extraterrestrials are evil or anything like that. I like to refer to the following quote: 'Advanced civilizations are peaceful by nature.' It might be a bit naïve view, but should basically be true.



To sum up on all these points and quotes, UFO's are a certainty. According to the Drake Equation, the probability for (spacefaring) sentient life equals 1. Even with pessimistic values for the seven parameters, we still get a value of 12 for sentient spacefaring civilizations in our galaxy alone. Most of mankind acquired an 'I only believe what I can see and touch' philosophy when it comes to UFO's. This is the wrong maxim - there are proofs for the existence of UFO's, and I have mentioned some of them above. They are just as subjective as other 'proofs'. If you would go by this maxim, the first thing that would be in doubt is your own intelligence - you can't see it, you can't touch it, but it is undoubtedly there (or not, in some cases.). Also the moon landing of the US, the atoms of science can be drawn into doubt by this maxim - even other important parts of human life as demise, health, feelings, beauty, love, electricity, radio waves… I could go on, but I think you get the point.

The UFO-phenomenon has become a part of society among the last sixty years, and even though many people still refuse to accept this possibility, a growing number of persons show acceptance about this topic. Personally I don't need to believe in UFO's. I know they exist. Maybe we will see open contact with lifeforms from other planets within the next three decades, and I certainly hope so. Until then, we need to convince people that they exist and visit us on a regular basis.



UFO - short form for 'Unidentified Flying Object'. Earlier depicted unidentified airplanes, but now associated with alien spacecraft. Often spotted in saucer, cigar and triangle shapes.

Roswell - city in New Mexico, USA. In 1947 an UFO seems to have crashed near the city, depicting the begin of the modern UFO-phenomenon.

Lightyear - Distance which the light travels in one year. As the speed of light is approx. 299,793 km/s, one lightyear equals the distance of 9.454.272.048.000 kilometers (nine Trillion fourhundredfiftyfour billion twohundredseventytwo million fourtyeight thousand kilometers).

'Wraith demonstration above W.D.C.' - mass concentration of UFO's over Washington D.C. in the night from July 18th to July 19th, 1952.

'Freedom of Information Act' - govermental act in the United Stats from 1977 which give civilian persons access to confidential information in CIA archives, as long as they can provide the file number and the file doesn't threat national security.

Zeta Reticuli - Yellow to orange (G2) binary star, 39.4 to 39.5 lightyears away from our solar system. It lies in the Constellation 'Reticulum', the Reticule or Net. Zeta 1 Reticuli is slightly smaller than Sol (93% mass, 91% diameter, 79% luminosity), while Zeta 2 Reticuli is around the same size (99% mass, 99% diameter, 102% luminosity). Both are approximately stars as old as Sol.

Pleiades - Cluster of over 500 stars in a distance of 400 light years from Sol. Seven of them are visible with bare eye (hence the name 'The seven sisters'. Named after the mythological story of the seven children of Atlas and Pleione.

Sol - name of our own star, the sun.

'Encounters of the n-th kind' - classification system for encounters with alien lifeforms. Originally only 3 kinds of encounters, now expanded with two more bringing them to a total number of five different kinds. Steven Spielberg produced the film 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' on base of these.

Type I Alien lifeform - the 'grey', standard aliens depicted by most abduction victims and contact witnesses. Small stature (around 1.20m), big eyes. Skin color is usually described as grey (hence the nickname), but varies from report to report between white and gray-blue.

Type II Alien lifeform - the 'reptiloid' aliens, possible descendants to the dinosaurs, usually between 1.70m and 2.10m big with three sub species. Colors range from green to brown.

Type III Alien lifeform - the 'Nordics'. Humanoid beings with very human-like appearance. Reported to be 1.80m to 2.10m in size, having roughly the same proportions as human beings but finer facial features.

Telepathy - Direct Communication between the minds of two beings, without usage of voice, gesture, text or other form of media.

Vihama - Sanskrit word for 'flying machine'.

Drake Equation - An equation developed to calculate the number of sentient, contact-able civilisations in the Galaxy. N = R*fp*ne*fl*fi*ft*fc*L. N - Number of contact-able civilizations. R - Star birth rate. Number of stars that are born in the galaxy every year, that can host a plantetary system. fp - Percentage of stars that develop planets. ne - Percentage of earthlike (Class M) planets per system. fl - Percentage of planets that orbit appropiate stars in an appropiate distance, that have developed lifeforms. fi - Percentage of life-housing planets with sentient life (sentience in human words). fc - Percentage of planets that developed a technological civilisation. L - Average lifetime of a civilisation, during which it leaves signals and traces of their existence.

Northern Lights - light phenomenon, also known as aurora borealis, which usually appears around the area of the polar circle. Caused by solar wind particles interacting with the earth's magnetic field.

Solar wind - Steady stream of charged particles coming from the sun. Very likely Alpha-ray's among them, but also other kind of radiation and particles. Interacting with planetary magnetic fields, where they are trapped in the so-called 'van Allen' belts. The pressure caused by the solar wind squishes the earth's magnetic field.

Van Allen Belt - in profile view kidney-shaped area where solar wind particles are trapped by the magnetic field of a planet. Earth's van Allen belt begins at an approximate height of 400 kilometers.


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