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Star Trek Renegade Character Gallery by J. Grey, copyright held by A.P. Atkinson

10 years ago the Federation was attacked by their most fearsome enemy, the Borg - but how far are they willing to go to protect themselves now?

Captain Blake Girling

Captain of the UX Corinthian. Blake Girling was a promising officer posted to a medical evacuation fleet assigned to hunt for survivors of Wolf 359 after the first Borg attack where he was killed in the defence of his ship. 10 years later his body was resurrected using technology captured from the same Borg invasion. His body is enhanced with many novel features but his identity remained intact. The decade since his untimely demise saw many changes to the Starfleet many of which he disapproved. A young officer and not fully experienced he frequently makes mistakes and relies heavily on his eclectic crew. He now crusades to protect the Federation from its enemies and to keep it true to itself.


Lieutenant Commander Katherine Rogers

Chief medical officer of the UX Corinthian. Katherine Rogers served as a medical officer aboard the USS Violator but had grown weary with the role of Starfleet intelligence in which she saw little honour. Witnessing the actions of Section 31 and knowing Captain Girling before his death gave her the motivation to finally leave and join the crew of the Corinthian where she has more easily settled. The loss of her father is still a fresh wound after many years and she struggles hard to be worthy of his memory.


Haldo Compz

Chief engineer of the UX Corinthian, formerly chief engineer of the Wanderer. Haldo Compz escaped from a research facility that had been established by Section 31. He was raised believing that he was a member of an alien species that had naturally developed superior intellect but was disappointed to find that he was in fact Human and had received considerable genetic manipulation.

He arranged for a posting aboard the Wanderer which was a commercial Federation vessel that was secretly, and somewhat incompetently investigating Section 31 activities. He quickly rose to the position of chief engineer and when they encountered the Corinthian he moved to that ship, taking his considerable skills with him. He has a very advanced knowledge of engineering and an unusually quick mind thanks to the modifications to his DNA. He also has a sense of superiority that while justified is very annoying.


Doctor Harold Jones

Section 31 security clearance rating Gamma 4. The Doctor was a Section 31 research scientist who was in charge of the project to study the Borg technology that the Federation had recovered. He invented the method of producing Federation equivalents to several pieces of Borg equipment and designed much of the layout of the Corinthian. His intentions were always for the betterment and protection of mankind but that blinded him to the inhumanity of some of his actions. He works hard to atone for his past actions and feels very uncomfortable with life aboard a Starship, especially one that gets shot at as often as the Corinthian.



Allarn was a member of a unique alien species. Her kind were linked by a bio-electric energy wave that could affect the DNA of other races through physical contact. All the memories of others of her kind were encoded into the field and then passed into the DNA of others to resurface later in their life as they approached maturity. Their life cycle caused a build-up for the energy about every 30 years until they found a suitable host to transmit their racial history and create a new member of their kind. Frequently they exhibited vastly increased intelligence over members of the host race and an increased life-span that was largely due to the conscious control they were able to exert over their physical form. Their technical aptitude is remarkable and they frequently time-travelled with impunity.

Allarn was destined to meet the crew of the Corinthian the first time she reached maturity and had been thoroughly prepared by her parents who recalled her future clearly.


Goruss Clogg

Security chief of the UX Corinthian, formerly security chief of the USS Violator. Described by Haldo as a "Freakish and psychotic lobster-man" Clogg is the chief of security aboard the Corinthian. Formerly he served aboard the USS Violator which was a classified Starfleet intelligence vessel. After the destruction of that ship the Captain of the Corinthian arranged his transfer on the grounds of his excellent service. While a little quick to turn to violence in the defence of the Federation he has proved to be an excellent officer. He has entered many combat competitions and finds Klingons almost challenging if a bit on the feminine side.


Federation Assimilated Crewmen 1 and 2

The process of regenerating Blake Girling's lifeless body was never complete. The intention had been to blank his memory and reprogram him with all the information he would need to become a highly efficient officer aboard a starship. For these two crewman the process was complete and they subsequently have no memory of their previous identity. Section 31 did a very thorough job of deleting their records to further obscure their pasts. They worked tirelessly to assist with control of the Corinthian and follow the instructions of their commanding officer. Their personalities were highly suppressed but their intellectual abilities were enhanced and they were able to communicate with an artificial telepathy. They were additionally equipped with a personal shield that was able to block most weapons fire, a replicator web able to produce up to six patterns and a phaser emitter pad buried under their skin.


Captain John Graves

Commanding officer and owner of the Wanderer. Merchant Captain Graves bought the Wanderer from a scrap yard many years ago. His crew were all motivated for personal reasons to continue and investigation into Section 31 activities in the hope of publicly exposing them. His qualifications are in some question and the title of Captain is little more than an honorary one as the ship belongs to him. He is known for erratic behaviour that sometimes borders on terrifying to his long-suffering crew. Fiercely motivated to his ends he now works to support the Corinthian and her crew on board a new Wanderer that seems destined to end up in the same scrap yard the first one came from.


Commander Winston Morrow

Executive officer of the Wanderer. The Commander joined the Wanderer crew in the hope of discovering more about the disappearance of his sister. Although fully trained at Starfleet Academy he chose not to take a position aboard a Starfleet vessel for fear of becoming embroiled in the same activities as his missing sister. He is a loyal and long-suffering friend of Captain Graves although his patience is frequently tested. The Wanderer crew have grown accustomed to considering him the head of their ship with the Captain largely only being there to make the bridge less tidy.



The true name of the Necrodians was never known, the title by which they're largely known was given to them by the first Klingons that encountered their enormous vessel. Later research discovered that the race had the appearance of animated corpses which was precisely what they were. The Necrodians were actually an infectious liquid that infested a body and converted the organic matter to allow their intelligence to control the physical form. As the remains of the body were consumed by the conscious virus the waste product was more of the liquid carrying the infection and this was their version of reproduction.


Last modified: 25 May 2021