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Star Trek Renegade II Character Gallery by J. Grey, copyright held by A.P. Atkinson

A team in the past blaze a trail into uncharted territory in a struggle to protect the galaxy's future from itself.

Captain Jonathon Franks

Captain of the USS Asimov. After serving for three years aboard the USS Exeter, Captain Franks was promoted after receiving a commendation for his actions in diverting the course of his shuttle in the rescue of a Vulcan officer.

He quickly rose through the ranks seeing limited action during the closing years of the Romulan war during which he became fascinated with the species and their technology. He was offered the command of a Foundation class vessel during the early trials of the type. He eagerly accepted the position and was assigned to a taskforce whose job it was to enforce the Romulan treaty. When the shortcomings of the vessel began to become apparent he chose to remain in command of the ship rather than accept reassignment. His career suffered greatly through that choice and eventually his ship was down-graded and used to patrol the border of the Neutral Zone.

Starfleet maintains a watchful eye on his activities.


Commander Elisabeth Crowley

First officer of the USS Asimov. The Commander was originally assigned as executive officer aboard a Miranda class vessel at the time when Starfleet were still slightly suspicious of the new design. During her first outing she misfired the weapons system during trials of the ship and Starfleet command decided it was too risky to leave her aboard where she might further assist to lower the reputation of the class. She was eventually sent to the Neutral Zone to join the crew of the USS Asimov under Captain Franks where she could do little damage.


Lieutenant Commander Tarvor

Chief science officer of the USS Asimov. Tarvor was the science officer of the Starship Asimov. A long-term friend of the Captain, his assignment to the ship was seen as a personal favour. With his eclectic background Tarvor seeks to do things in his own way and has made extensive modifications to the ship's systems to improve on the job that Starfleet started. Unusual for a Vulcan and highly eccentric in general, his behaviour has isolated him from other, more salubrious postings.

While utterly loyal to his Captain he is not the most popular of officers due to his sarcasm and inbred sense of superiority.



The Coo'Gral were not discovered until nearly a century after the launch of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E. They had evolved a technology to phase-shift them out of the normal physical world so that they remained undetectable to other species.

A pair of them travelled back in time to the year 2273 and they were discovered by the crew of the USS Asimov. They are a peaceful people with a highly advanced technology at their disposal.


Last modified: 25 May 2021