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Here is my review of "Lolani", the second episode of the new fan film series Star Trek Continues.

The latest adventure of Star Trek Phase II has just been released. Here is my review of "Kitumba".

A new story by Travis Anderson: Catalyst. The longstanding truce between the SID and Section 31 is done. Section 31 weaves one web after another in an effort to rewrite history and redraw the political maps of both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Can the secretive agency be stopped or will their plans reach fruition and spawn a war that could end all wars?

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EAS currently doesn't accept new story submissions except from the featured authors. Please visit my partners at the Trek Writer's Guild. They have a database that suits the individual writer's needs better than the static and hand-edited concept of EAS.

Submission Guidelines

Star Trek Renegade by J. Grey
10 years ago the Federation was attacked by their most fearsome enemy, the Borg - but how far are they willing to go to protect themselves now?

Star Trek Renegade II by J. Grey
A team in the past blaze a trail into uncharted territory in a struggle to protect the galaxy's future from itself.

Star Trek Universal by J. Grey
The untold tales from around the Federation

Special Investigations Division by Travis Anderson
The Spy, The Rebel, The Doppelganger, The Traitor, The Soldier, The Exile, The Tinkerer, The Mercenary, The Stray, and one ship shared by all. The tale has merely begun...

Tales of the SID by Travis Anderson
The Spy, the Rebel, the Daredevil, the Fighter, the Lightbulb, the Muscle, the Fixer, the Rock, the Brain, and one ship shared by all. The tale continues...
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