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Tales of the SID Personnel and Vessel Profiles by Travis Anderson

The Spy, the Rebel, the Daredevil, the Fighter, the Lightbulb, the Muscle, the Fixer, the
Rock, the Brain, and one ship shared by all. The tale continues...


Brin Macen

Mission Commander
Race: El-Aurian

Celeste Rockford

Investigation Specialist
Race: Angosian 

Thomas Riker

Starship Commander
Race: Human

Hannah Grace

Flight Operations Specialist
Race: Kelvan 

Rab Daggit

Special Operations Specialist
Race: Angosian


Medical Specialist; EMH
Race: Photonic lifeform

Radil Jenrya

Tactical Specialist
Race: Bajoran 

Lisea Danan

Sciences Specialist
Race/s: Joined Trill

Eric McMasters

Engineering Specialist
Race: Human


Strategic Operations Specialist
Race: Romulan


Operational Systems Specialist
Race: Vulcan - DECEASED

Joachim Dracas

Engineering Specialist
Race: Ardannian Troglyte - DECEASED


Race: Acamarian - DECEASED

Hal Dracas

Engineering Specialist
Race: Ardannian Troglyte - DECEASED

Jamie Kirk

Starship Operations Specialist
Race: Iotian - DECEASED

Nerrit Wen

Special Operations Specialist
Race: Bajoran - DECEASED


Obsidian Crew

Shannon Forger

Executive Officer
Race: Human


Chief Engineer
Race: Orion 


Engineer's Mate
Race: Gideonite

Shervarhia'annderi “Rhiann”

Chief Pilot
Race: Andorian


Transporter Chief
Race: Tellarite

Galen 3

Sciences Specialist
Race: Eminiaran (Eminiar VII)


Relief Pilot
Race: Tyrokian


Race: Deltan

Gerrit Gren

Deputy Chief Security Officer
Race: Bajoran


Supporting Cast


CMO Serenity Station, former SID operative
Race: Klingon

Alynna Nechayev

Vice Admiral, Starfleet; Director of Starfleet Intelligence
Race: Human

Amanda Forger

Rear Admiral, Starfleet; Special Investigation Division Director
Race: Human

Edward Jellico

Vice Admiral, Starfleet; Commander-in-Chief
Race: Human

Leonard James Akaar

Admiral, Starfleet; Alpha Quadrant Theater Commander
Race: Capellan 

Christine Pike

SID liaison, Outbound Ventures, Inc.
Race: Human

Ambril Delori

Lt. Commander, Starfleet; Assistant to SID Director
Race: Bajoran

Elias Vaughn

Commander, Starfleet - RETIRED
Race: Human


Ambassador to the Federation
Race: Cardassian

Edward Noyce

Vice Admiral, Starfleet; Director of Starfleet Security
Race: Human

Bill Ross

Vice Admiral, Starfleet; CO Bajoran Theatre
Race: Human

Kiv Rever

Flight Engineer Stellar Pleasure Cruises, Inc.
Race: Trill

Harcourt "Harry" Fenton Mudd IV

Smuggler, gunrunner, confidence artist, thief
Race: Human

Annika Ryst

Orion Syndicate mercenary, Rockford's original identity
Race: Angosian

Stan Guthrie

Lt. Commander, Starfleet; Special Operations Command
Race: Human

Nigel Forger

Amanda Drake and Shannon Forger's father. Retired Project Manager from the Antares Shipyards
Race: Human

Kara Gena

Former New Order leader, wife of Astris Beru
Race: Bajoran

Astris Beru

1st Minister of Bajor, wife of Kara Gena
Race: Bajoran

Stanislas Jarulski

President of Barrinor
Race: Human

Pytor Boromov

Gunrunner, activist
Race: Human

Feist Dervin

Prince of Cardassia
Race: Cardassian

Aneesh Dervin

Princess of Cardassia
Race: Cardassian - DECEASED

Katreen Dervin

Chrysalis Child, Monarch of Cardassia
Race: Cardassian

Lyoti Mariska

Former Cardassian Glinn. Katreen Dervin's sworn Protector
Race: Cardassian

Bertram Sindis

Ruler of Mityr, Chairman of the Meirkus Conglomeration, Don of the Orion Syndicate
Race: Iridian - DECEASED

Michelle Prentiss

Commander, SID IA Investigator
Race: Human

Alfonso Reyes

Captain, Starfleet, CO of Deep Space 3
Race: Human


Lt. Commander, Starfleet; JAG Corps
Race: Vulcan

Rekena Geran

Castellan, Cardassian Union
Race: Cardassian

Nanietta Bacco

UFP President
Race: Human

Esperanza Piniero

Presidential Chief of Staff
Race: Human

Raisa Shostakova

UFP Secretary of Defense
Race: Human 


Crew Manifests

USS Defiant

Captain Ro Laren - CO
Lt. Commander Prynn Tenmei - XO/CONN/OPS
Lt. Commander Nog - Chief Engineer
Commander Julian Bashir - CMO
Lt. Evelyn Sanger - Tactical
Lt. Grozzit - Sciences

USS Enterprise-E

Captain Data - CO
Commander Worf - XO
Lt. Anjeri - OPS 
Commander Geordi LaForge - Chief Engineer/2nd Officer
Lt. Mandy Kerr - CMO
Lt. Commander T'Lyssa Chen - CONN/Contact Specialist
Lt. Commander Dina Elfiki - Sciences
Lt. Commander Jasminder Choudhury

USS Aventine

Captain Ezri Dax - CO
Commander Sam Bowers - XO
Lt. Commander Gruhn Helkara - 2nd Officer/Sciences
Lt. Commander Mikeala Leishman - Chief Engineer
Lt. Simon Tarses - CMO
Lt. Oliana Mirren - OPS
Lt. Lonnoc Kidair - Tactical
Ensign Erin Constantino - CONN

USS Intrepid

Admiral Robert Tavar Johnson - Starfleet Diplomatic Envoy
Captain James McKinley - CO
Commander Jonathan Stryker - XO
Commander Robert Caplan - Chief Engineer
Commander Andreja Sikorsky - CMO
Lt. Commander Ian Delaney - Tactical
Lt. Commander Elizabeth "Liz" Liefers - Flight Operations Manager
Lt. Alessandro Pedrossi - CONN

USS Intrepid Additional Personnel

Lt. Commander Jennifer Marie Massoli - Intelligence Officer
Lt. Emily Johnson - Deputy Chief Engineer

USS Hood

Captain Merry Limerick - CO
Commander Sevil Havelick - XO
Lt. Commander Verity Jones - Flight Operations/CAG
Lt. Commander Harve Trenner - Chief Engineer
Lt. Commander Elise Dubois - CMO
Lt. Wreshander "Shan" ch'Aya - Tactical
Lt. Cho Xan - OPS
Ensign Beverly Sanders - CONN

USS Monitor

Captain Hev Callas - CO
Lt. Commander Annis Valyn - XO/Tactical
Lt. Derin Flak - CONN/OPS
Ensign Keeve Burien - Chief Engineer
Lt. Hamas Bibo - CMO

USS Merrimack

Captain Alec Prine - CO
Lt. Commander Paige Donaldson - XO/CONN/OPS
Lt. Bim Rytlyst - Tactical
Lt. Commander Julie Littleton - CMO
Lt. J.G. Bryce Tanner - Chief Engineer

USS Voyager

Captain Chakotay - CO
Lt. Commander Tom Paris - XO
Lt. Commander Harry Kim - 2nd Officer/OPS
Lt. Paula Brownstone - Chief Engineer
The Doctor "Mark V" - EMH
Lt. Grelin Shue - Tactical
Ensign Maggie Sawyer - CONN


Primary Vessel Registry

SS Obsidian NDR-745198 

Nova-class surveyor

Upgraded engines permit a maximum speed of Warp 9.71 for up to twelve hours. Top cruising speed is Warp 6.5. Redundant and overlapping shield emitters greatly enhance the ship's defensive capabilities. The weapons systems on the Obsidian are preserved at manufactured norms. The ultra-sensitive sensor arrays allow the ship to generally detect threats well before they pose a danger. Sensor shrouding hull plating and atmospheric operational capabilities enhance the covert operations profile of the vessel.

SS Solstice NDR 745117-1

Blackbird-class variant

Equipped with 5 Type X phaser arrays, a Class 4 Klingon cloaking device, regenerative shields and ablative armour, the Solstice is well armed and capable of defending herself. Possessing a Type MX warp core and enhanced warp engines, she has plenty of speed and power available. Max. speed of Warp 9.65 is sustainable for up to twelve hours. Enhanced sensors and atmospheric capabilities are ideal for covert operations.


Support Vessels

NS 40671 SS Corsair II, Danube-class runabout
NDS 7761 SS Equinox, Type 9 Shuttle
NDS 7762-1 SS Eclipse, Type 9 shuttle


Featured EAS Fleet Yards Starships

Blackbird-class Scout (SID usage)
Newton-class Research (SID usage)
Barracuda-class Scout (SID usage)
Emden-class Escort (SID usage)
Shogun-class Light Cruiser (SID usage)
Lancelot-class Light Cruiser (SID usage)
Sirius-class Light Cruiser (SID usage)
Andor-class Transport (SID usage)
Mosquito-class Runabout
Mercury-class Frigate (Iotian usage)
Java-class Cargo Ship
Venus-class Light Cruiser
Tanganyika-Light Cruiser
Splendor-class Destroyer
Pacifica-class Light Cruiser
Himalaya-class Heavy Cruiser
Hydra-class Escort


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